Therapeutic starvation in heart diseases

Complexity of treatment of heart diseases is connected first of all with the fact that this organ is constantly in work and no means of official medicine makes it possible to rest this important organ of the human body. Only during fasting our heart gets a full rest. In this there is nothing surprising. In the process of life, our heart experiences tremendous overload. This and various stresses, physical activity, fatigue. But we often do not imagine that the food loads the heart more than even pretty decent physical exercises. It is no coincidence that most heart attacks, myocardial infarctions are noted after a plentiful meal. Starving, we give the heart the rest, in which it so needs. He no longer needs to pump a huge amount of blood in order to ensure the process of digestion. In the process of starvation there is a decrease in heart rate and in the heart muscle the processes of self-healing begin.

Already after the 5-7 fasting day, a positive dynamics of the electrocardiogram is observed, indicating improvement of the coronary circulation, angina attacks cease completely. Blood pressure is usually normalized to 7-10 day of fasting (after an acidosis crisis) and will remain within the normal range of the entire fasting period. After all, the heart during fasting practically does not lose its mass. Improves blood circulation of the heart muscle, increases the amount of glycogen in it. During fasting, there is virtually no heart attacks, necrosis and inflammation of the heart muscle. The cardiac rhythm is restored, the heart rate decreases.

After fasting, a persistent effect persists for a fairly long time, especially if you continue to eat properly. Naturally, before starting fasting, it is necessary to carry out purification procedures that will facilitate its carrying out. This is especially true for people with a long course of the disease.

To treatment of heart diseases by starvation should be approached prudently. A correct attitude, determination and gradualness in mastering the method is necessary. It should start with one-day starvation, changing the stereotypes of nutrition, gradually increasing the period of starvation. A good effect is noted from the application of starvation of medium terms 14-21 day with the correct regenerative nutrition. In the future, it is necessary to lead a reasonable lifestyle with sufficient physical exertion and balanced nutrition. In severe heart diseases, repeated fasting before the crisis / 7-10 days / with restorative nutrition of plant food and cleaning procedures are recommended. After the improvement of the condition, fasting for longer periods is possible.

Given that people with heart disease are highly hypersensitive, it is recommended that the first fasting under the supervision of a specialist, perhaps even in a hospital or sanatorium.

The main thing is to remember that fasting is a very effective method and your heart will be grateful for the rest!

The fact that starvation copes well with a variety of heart diseases: ischemic heart disease /, coronary heart disease / hypertension 1, 2, 3 stage, cardiosclerosis, arrhythmias, etc.

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