Why a modern person needs fasting

Indeed, why should a modern civilized person, with the current high development of science and medicine, need fasting? This question is often asked by people who first encounter the method of starvation.

But if you consider the issue more carefully, then a modern person has no less reasons for using fasting than in ancient times. Despite the development of science and outstanding discoveries in various fields of knowledge, our life has not become easier. On the contrary, each of us is constantly influenced by a host of negative factors.

We are inactive, we go a lot, the products that we use are saturated with preservatives, pesticides and various additives, we breathe polluted air, drink poor quality water, suffer from stress and excessive speed of life. All this worsens our health and reduces the quality of life.

Modern medicine is not able to solve all these problems, moreover, the very struggle with these negative factors with the help of numerous medicines further worsens the situation. Having believed in the omnipotence of medicine, a modern person completely shifts the care of the health to the numerous doctors.

It turns out a paradoxical situation, on the one hand we eat, smoke, drink, do not move, and afterwards we go to the doctor and try to solve all our health problems with expensive miraculous pills. Naturally, nothing good comes of it. After all, a tablet, no matter how much it would not cost just another chemical substance, which can not change anything in our body.

Fasting, on the contrary, without any material costs can effectively deal with the most diverse damaging factors that our life abounds.

Binge eating - by practicing fasting, we transfer ourselves to a completely different level of relationship with food. Whether you like it or not, while practicing fasting, you will simply be forced to eat plant foods for a while, choose the right food combinations. By abstaining from food for a certain period of time, a person learns to put his food instinct under control, gradually getting rid of food addiction and overeating.

Obesity - fasting is the best diet. During starvation, the body switches to internal nutrition, during which the body has everything it needs for its existence. It is fasting that is capable of effectively, in a short time remove excess weight, leaving no residue in the form of saggy skin. In addition to this, regular fasting practices normalize metabolism, which contributes to a more prolonged normalization of weight and cure for a number of obesity-related diseases.

Pollution of the body as a result of the impact of deteriorating ecology, food additives, various food preservatives and dyes - there is not a single method of treatment that could help a person get rid of all this unnecessary garbage that is firmly deposited in every cell of our body. And only fasting can solve this problem. It is during fasting that the body cleans itself of all these completely unnecessary and harmful substances on its own. Cleansing the body through fasting is the most effective and physiological type of cleansing.

Stress, dissatisfaction - fasting is better than any pill is able to cope with these common damaging factors. Hungry, a person automatically disconnects from the reality around us, transferring all his attention to the very process of starvation. When you are hungry, you are completely indifferent to what is happening in the world, all problems become insignificant and fade into the background. And if during the first fasting you experience some anxiety from various unpleasant symptoms accompanying fasting, then in the future, as you get used to it, you will get the most complete rest for your brain. And after getting out of fasting you will feel vigorous and refreshed.

Diseases - as a consequence of all of the above damaging factors, the human body begins to work with impairments, the harmonious system of interaction of various organs and systems is disorganized. A massive pharmacological effect not only prevents the normalization of the body's work, but, on the contrary, further worsens the situation, turning any disease into a chronic one. And there is no cure for chronic diseases in modern medicine. Fasting can solve these problems. Lack of food gives the body the opportunity to engage in self-healing. The processes occurring in our body during hunger trigger the most powerful mechanisms of self-healing and self-healing. Naturally, such a complex effect is very effective and leads to self-healing from a wide variety of diseases.

Thus, the need for fasting for our contemporaries is quite obvious.

  1. Fasting helps to cope with overeating.
  2. Fasting effectively fights against obesity.
  3. Fasting is the best method to cleanse the body of environmental pollution.
  4. Starvation allows you to deal with stress and mental disorders.
  5. Scientifically and experimentally proved the tremendous effectiveness of fasting as a method of treatment and prevention of a wide variety of diseases.

Therefore, we can safely say that fasting for a modern person is no less important than the ability to swim. The only thing that is needed is to learn to starve.

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