Proper nutrition during the fasting period of fasting

The process of fasting does not end with the exit from starvation. Depending on the period of fasting in the body, certain processes continue which are no less useful than the period of fasting itself. Significant activation of metabolism and protective forces is noted. The body begins to actively absorb nutrients coming from food. Therefore, it becomes clear that it is very important at this time to use only high-quality environmentally friendly products. Ideally, you should try to stick to the vegetable-milk diet as long as possible. In this case, you can get maximum benefit from the fasted.

After the end of the recovery period, the stabilization phase begins. It is characterized by the phenomenon of normalization of metabolic processes in the body and the normalization of higher nervous activity. All this is manifested by increased capacity for work, good sleep, elevated mood, normalization of appetite and stabilization of weight.

Recommendations P. Bregg on nutrition in the recovery period.


There is a proverb: "A person to 40 years or himself a doctor,

or he's a fool. "I'm quite sure that if a person does not have an 30 year

found his diet, then he acquires in the future serious physical

disease. A nutritionist can give a lot of advice, but he does not

can digest and allocate food for you. What I eat may not be right

you, I do not eat the foods that an ordinary person likes. I am not going to

persuade you to become a raw food, a vegetarian or an adherent of a mixed

food. As soon as you starve and cleanse your body, your inner voice

he will tell you for himself. I do not believe that you will make a jump from a diet,

saturated with highly refined products to a natural diet,

containing from 50 to 60% of raw fruits and vegetables. Nature does not tolerate such

sharp jumps. You must make this transition slowly, during

time, with the help of cleansing your body with starvation and

bringing to their assistants 9 natural doctors. My advice is not

there are more 3-x times a week meat, eggs no more than 4-x times if you drink

milk, I advise gradually to exclude it from the diet as well as all

dairy products; man is the only creature consuming

Milk after he is weaned.

Steps to good health - through proper nutrition:

  1. As much as possible vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds in natural


  1. Protein: a) meat, including its different types, liver, kidneys, brains,

heart, poultry and seafood. Cook the meat as little as possible because,

that the protein breaks down during prolonged cooking; b) dairy products, eggs,

unprocessed cheese and raw milk (I personally do not drink milk and do not eat

dairy products); c) pomegranates, soybeans and other beans.

  1. Eat vegetables and fruits grown without use

chemicals. Prepare vegetables with a minimum amount of water, on fire

keep as little as possible. Drink fluids.

  1. Eat young grains from the ears, as they contain

a lot of protein and vitamins, minerals and unenriched fatty acids.

  1. Use vegetable oils that are not refined.
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