Answers to the most common questions about curative starvation

This page contains answers to the most frequent questions about starvation. However, it should be understood that each person is individual and the fasting in all takes place in different ways. Therefore, watch your body, be careful and attentive, then you will get the maximum benefit from starvation.

Starvation for beginners.

How to switch to vegetarianism with the help of fasting?

What is fasting? 

Why should we fasting?

Is life possible without food?

What can you eat during fasting?

Can I go hungry at home?

How to prepare for the first fast?  

What laxative can I use to enter into starvation?

Will fasting help improve vision?

How to take a laxative before starting fasting?

How correctly to make an enema?  

Can I smoke during fasting?

What is the acidotic crisis and how to find out about its offensive? 

Do I need to do enemas during fasting?

How to deal with overeating after fasting?

Nuisance and difficulties in the process of fasting.

How much water should I drink during fasting?

What kind of water to drink during fasting?

I can not drink water during fasting

Weight loss, depending on the timing of fasting.

Will starvation help to lose weight?

Birth control pills and fasting.

What to do with saliva during fasting?

When is it necessary to immediately stop starvation?

Is it possible to starve on birch sap?

Physical stress during fasting

How to starve for Neumyvakin?

Fasting and diets

How to gain weight with starvation?

Is life possible without food?

Unloading fasting

Can I starve in distilled water

How to get out of dry fasting one day

How to avoid edema at the exit from fasting

How often do enemas during fasting?

How to improve vision with fasting

Is it possible to starve during menstruation

Is it possible to starve during pregnancy? 

Can I use chewing gum during fasting

Can I get behind the wheel while starving?

Is it possible to fast without a gallbladder

Is it possible to have sex during fasting?

Can I go to the bathhouse during starvation?

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