We present to your attention the diary of 11-day absolutely dry starvation of Olga Shved. Although these records are already quite a lot of time, they did not stain their relevance. First of all, due to the fact that here is given a brief description of the processes that occur with the body of a particular person during extreme dry fasting. We are not at the forefront of such experiments with our own health, but it is always interesting to know how our body behaves during such a long dry fasting.


Today I begin 11-day absolutely dry fasting. Complete abstinence from food and water with the exception and external contact with water. The idea of ​​this experience appeared after watching the video, where an interview with LA Shchennikov, the author of the method, an experimenter by nature, was recorded. In less than 2 years, the idea materialized: LA. Shchennikov sits in this room, in the Center of Rehabilitation Therapy, and I, specifying the details, form an unbending intention to reach the end. What for? It is this term, according to LA, which allows qualitatively to change physiology, activate tissue regeneration, the work of the epiphysis - the "mysterious pineal gland", and most importantly it is a step into an unknown state of consciousness. And, for the last almost 2 year, about two dozen people of my environment tried to starve these 11 days without water, but no one could. Even people who have very serious diseases, and therefore a strong motivation for success. I will try to pass the experience without making personal, although it is difficult to turn off my doctor's brains. Very much it would be desirable preliminary even to clean an intestine and a liver. Beetroot salad on the eve and 2-x liter cleansing enema - that's all the recommendations that I conscientiously performed. During these 11 days I will read the Bible, study the "ecumenical alphabet" of Shchennikov, reflect and scrupulously follow all the recommendations of LA to get a "pure experience". I feel fine. The emotional state is smooth, the head hurts a little and periodically there are heaviness and unpleasant sensations in the region of the left kidney. My weight is 49 500; growth -158; pulse 76 beats per minute, AD - 90 \ 60; t - 36, 7. The respiratory rate is 16 respiratory movements per minute. General blood test without features; in the biochemical analysis of blood, the content of cholesterol and, beta-lipoproteins is increased. ELISA blood for toxoplasmosis, toxocarosis, chlamydia, hepatitis B and C - negative. On the ultrasound of the internal organs in the left kidney is the calculus 2-3 mm. Analyzes of urine without features. In the analysis of stool by flotation, parasites were not detected.

4 March.

The second day of dry fasting.

Weight - 48. 150

D 75 \ 45

Pulse - 88 ud. min.

t - 37,3

Respiratory rate - 16 in min.

Light headache, weakness, nausea, sensation of "coma" in epigastrium. Sleepy. During the day she worked with gloves to avoid touching the water: consultations, acupuncture, hirudotherapy. In the evening I talked with patients about nutrition.

March 5

The third day of the joint venture

Weight - 47 200

AD - 90 \ 60

t - 36,7

Pulse - 88 ud. min.

Respiratory rate - 14 in min.

I slept tolerably, without dreams, but in the morning I did not feel rested. Nauseated, weak, there was a strong ache in the back and lower extremities. The voice changed. Became deaf and low. I try to move, but my aches do not go away. Light odor of acetone from the mouth, dim sight. The condition is very similar to the acidic crisis, which usually occurs on a wet famine on 6-8 day. I communicate with patients, conducted acupuncture sessions, but I feel that I have little energy, from tomorrow I stop my medical work, limit my communication.

March 6

The fourth day of the joint venture.

Weight - 45. 700

AD 100 \ 60

Pulse - 80 ud. min.

t - 37,2

Respiratory rate - 12 in min.

The tongue is thickened, and there is a viscous dirty gray coating on it. The smell of acetone is not felt, but there was some new heavy smell. Mucous membranes dry, exfoliate. At night I did not sleep at all. Loss of pain in the legs, back, nausea, a feeling of heat all over the body, weakness. On the street - 2 degrees. frost, but I'm hot. There was anxiety, a fear that I could not hold out without contact with water for 11 days. I really want to wash. Painful pain along the spine in the lumbosacral region. Asked to turn off the heating in the room, open the windows and balcony wide. "I freeze" the jade egg on the window and roll it over the body, a little easier. I could not "cheat" - I did acupuncture for patients. I do not want to talk, I feel that the conversations are tiresome. The day was dry weather, and I walked in the park.

March 7

Fifth day of the joint venture

Weight - 44. 850

AD 85 \ 45

Pulse - 68 ud. min.

t - 36,8

Respiration rate 12 per minute

All night, I had wonderful dreams about traveling to distant countries. A vast ocean, ships under sails, mountains, valleys - an indescribable beauty. I dreamed that I was traveling to study the spiritual culture of the peoples of the East. I am accompanied by a young conductor of criminal appearance with a strange name Chegun. I heard a language that was unknown to me, I looked with interest at clothes, household items of local residents. After awakening, a state of lightness, freedom, and the feeling of the wind of wanderings persisted for a long time. During the day, emotional lability, weakness. The perception of time and space has changed. Periodically appears a state of unusual clarity of consciousness, it seems amazing that even 5 days ago in my head was such a chaos of thoughts, wrong priorities, impasse problems of an ethical nature. It is very easy to separate the main from the secondary. I went home with the help of S.I. Weakness, shortness of breath, pain coming in the joints. City air seems like a dense suspension, tightly settling in the lungs. It becomes painful to breathe. By the way, the regime on hunger includes a mild "stretching" massage of the vertebrae and joints with dry hands and walks, when it is still possible.

March 8

Sixth day of the joint venture

Weight - 44

AD 90 \ 60

Pulse - 68 ud. min.

t - 36,9

The respiration rate is 8 per minute.

Today is a women's holiday. I was given two wonderful bouquets: roses and chrysanthemums. Their smell is perceived as something tangible. Roses are very sweet, imperceptibly leading to the world of illusions, and chrysanthemums are clean, open, refreshing and reconciling internal contradictions. By the way, the relationship with smells has changed remarkably. My geranium, which I do not like, not only evokes bright pictures of childhood memories, but imperceptibly introduces into the state of the most real catharsis, helping to rethink traumatic episodes of early childhood and get rid of them. She sat at the festive table for a while. Oshushenie unreality, meaninglessness of what is happening. The type of food does not cause any desires. All liquids seem dirty. I try not to fix myself on the thought of a glass of pure water, which seems to be an unattainable top of bliss. I realized that I do not really need communication. Even my infrequent guests became tired. I rejoice in the arrival of IS, massages and smells of flowers.

As before, pronounced weakness, nausea, aching in the bones. Pulse when walking up to 150 beats per minute. The emotional state is even. Passionate desire for travel. Thoughts about the seas, oceans, foreign countries are almost constant. The feeling that I always traveled, but somewhere I was stuck and forgot something important. In general, the state is quite tolerable. I am sure that I will hold out for the remaining 5 days. LA Shchennikov comes almost every day. We talk about the Bible and its secrets. LA believes that Jesus Christ spent forty days in the desert just dry fasting and his resurrection is directly related to the transition to the photon state as a result of the restructuring of the body. I can not at all grasp the essence of the difference between the two processes: the preservation of consciousness during the mummification of the body and the "loss of form" with the disappearance of the body-what Carlos Castaneda wrote about.

March 9

The seventh day of the joint venture

Weight - 43

AD 88 \ 68

Pulse - 80 ud. min.

t - 37,1

Respiration rate 8 per minute

In the mouth is an incredibly disgusting, viscous, foul-smelling, rough thing. The voice became completely alien - deaf, low. The speech is slow. From the breath he whines and burns in his chest, as if concentrated hydrochloric acid flows into the lungs. Midnight sat on the balcony in a light T-shirt with bare feet on the cement floor. Despite the air temperature minus three - it was hot. Day almost all the time I spend in bed. It helps the smell of chrysanthemums and roses, gives strength. The main occupation - I'll get to the left with one smell, then turn right and breathe another. And I roll on my body a chilled jade ball. The state of some prostration. The desire for long dry famines to penetrate the expanded state of consciousness seems to be childhood, to make the way to the "unknown" - an illusion, and the experience itself is meaningless for oneself. The only rational thought seems to be that I will have the moral right to use this method for hopeless patients who have been "sentenced to death" by colleagues, but who do not want to reconcile with him. In a state half-awake I felt a grapes in my mouth. I woke up with horror - did it all collapse? Hooray, this is just a dream! But how you want to drink!

March 10

Eighth day of the joint venture

Weight - 42 500

AD 95 \ 65

Pulse at rest - 96 ud. min.

t - 37

Respiratory rate at rest - 4 per minute

I dreamed that I was in an old village house. There is a sparkling white fluffy carpet around. The pope opens the cellar and gives me a cover with a thick layer of frost sparkling with silver. I immerse the face in him with indescribable pleasure and wake up ... The morning began well. The strong gusty wind ceased, the birds sang. On the street 2 degrees of heat. The significance of natural phenomena increased in comparison with everyday human concerns, interpersonal relationships, carnal problems. My voice became very deaf and weak, speech slow, with stumbles. Nails with a purple hue. Mucous and the skin is dry with cracks. The smell in his mouth is still disgusting. It seems like the smell of a corpse. Started stomatitis. "Shoots" in the left ear area. It hurts to breathe, the sensation seems to stretch out and empties an absolutely dry bag. Heart hurts painfully on the chest. LA Shchennikov said that on the ninth day you need to swim in the hole. The contact with water of a natural reservoir is obligatory. I worry about waiting to meet the water. There was a fear - suddenly there will be a temptation to open lips? But it quickly disappeared. It remains only 3 days, it's ridiculous to think about satisfying your instincts! The attitude to smells has changed: the rose does not attract, it is pleasant to breathe the smell of chrysanthemums, to sleep during the day, to sit undressed on the balcony at night and not think about anything. And yet, how will it be - to plunge headlong into an ice hole ?! If only I could sleep at least somehow, so that sooner it would be tomorrow.

March 11

Ninth day with P.

Weight - 41 700

Blood pressure at rest 85 \ 45

Pulse at rest - 104 ud. min.

t - 36,7

Respiratory rate at rest 4-5 per minute

I want, right here in my diary, Shchennikov wrote the exact time of the exit from the 11-day dry post. (8 morning 14 March 2002 year).

In the morning I had a complete body: head, left kidney, arms, legs, back ... I hardly move. It hurts to breathe and palpitate. After turning on the side - the pulse of 130 beats per minute. Minutes to the ice-hole drag on unbearable slowly. It's amazing how little we know about the world in which we live! Inertness, stereotypes, habits, "stuck-up" in everyday life problems - everything that ayurveda refers to the mode of ignorance, does not allow a person to conduct even the simplest experiment on themselves. And how embarrassing it is for my colleagues of doctors who, without even trying to rest from their meals for at least a day, authoritatively declare the danger of starvation, knowing that most of the chronic diseases are the result of a banal blockage of the body. But even the beaten commandment of Tibetan medicine that before the body can be treated, it must be cleared, it is much better realized on starvation ... And this is also a way to change the world, or rather, its perception. However, this is one and the same ...

The road to the ice-hole was endless. All the way I tried to level out the beaten rhythms of breathing and palpitation. Periodically, "fell into the void." When we got there it was getting dark. The Ob was still under the ice, but already there were puddles everywhere. Fortunately, the hole was even with a ladder. Undressing and not even thinking that it should be embarrassing in the company of three male representatives, I finally plunged ... I remember the miliards of lit lights - I live! There was an immense inner strength, a feeling of spreading in infinity, then a sense of struggle for the body ... which became easy, as if it does not weigh anything. In the head, first complete balance, then an unusually huge flow of clear thoughts ... Those few seconds that I spent underwater gave me so much information that I now physically can not even write a small part of it, but I know for sure that it is not It will be forgotten that the time will come and much of it will take some form of presentation. Then there was a strong chill, the feeling that movement was stopping in me, the body is irreversibly hardening ... Thanks to SI for carefully carrying me to the infinitely distant 5 floor and being able to return my body warmly. There is no more power to write.

March 12

Tenth day of S

Weight - 41 050

AD 80 \ 50

Pulse - 136 ud. min.

t - 36,6

respiration rate 3-4 per minute

Night is an ordinary, intermittent semblance of dreamless sleep. Again a balcony, a thirst for a cold wind, reflections ... A pleasant taste appeared in the mouth, as if two thin streams of divine nectar flow from somewhere in the posterior lower part of the oropharynx, although ulcerative stomatitis, which appeared 2-3 days ago, has not yet passed and I I can not even open my mouth to see everything. The corners of the mouth, the tongue are swollen ... The peace is at peace and a feeling of deep compassion. All the time I look at my watch. Today is definitely the longest day of my previous life!

March 13


Weight - 40

BP at rest is not defined

The pulse at rest is not determined

t - 36,4

The respiration rate is 2-3 per minute, but it's easy to hold your breath for 2, 5 minutes (Cousteau would be obzavidovalis!).

The whole night I sat naked on the balcony reading the Bible. The body seemed to mummify. Icy dry feet and hands. It seems to survive, you need only peace, an icy wind and the thought of the need to survive. State of indifference. When I try to consciously go deeper into the transpersonal state, the mental barrier is activated, everything disappears. It's a pity. But in the hibernating state there appeared unusual visual images: the flow and real sensations of the infinity of being and the first impulses of the manifested consciousness of the hitherto unmanifest world; touching the mystery and meaning of the universe ... And what happens to my body? Reduced the sensitivity of the distal legs to the knees. Practically, the skin of the occipital part of the head is not felt. By the evening a surprisingly clear consciousness appeared. Far from seeing the consequences of any life choice, even the most insignificant, not only mine, and not only for me, but in general. The joy of understanding the essence of the concepts "fate" and "freedom of will." Delight from the notion of "measure" in an immeasurably deeper aspect of medical thinking than before! The world is bright and absolutely safe. All the constituent parts of this world are in perfect harmony among themselves, the clues of the right choices everywhere. Feeling of intoxicating joy at the thought that I am part of an infinitely harmonious world. All problems, including bodily ones, are the loving lessons of the Loving Creator, signals, having learned to understand which one can turn his life into an endless stream of bliss ...

I do not have enough words and strength to express what is open to my heart! I see and hear better than usual. And yet, there was an unusual "flair", allowing to unmistakably recognize everyone who comes to the door of my room. It seems that some animal instincts were activated. By evening, plunged into a state of EXPECTATION. I'm very thirsty. Again, melancholy at the thought of waiting for as many as 10 hours !!!

March 14

Today I come out of 11-day dry hunger.

Weight - 39 500

Body temperature 37 degrees

I breathe rarely, discomfort appears, if I do not breathing movements 2-3 minutes. My colleagues Pastukhovich NO, Savinykh V., Yu.Ya. came with the purpose of measuring the pressure, calculating the pulse, taking blood from the vein for analysis. Failed. Invited friends reanimatologov with pulse. Pulse at rest is not determined, the pressure is also. Oxygen saturation of the blood is not determined. Blood from the veins does not flow.

The cabbage juice was brought. I, underestimating the recommendations LA Shchennikova - drink juice in the knee-elbow position with his head up - found that the juice in the usual position is not swallowed, but poured back, started drop by drop "suck in the mouth" and only after an hour drank juice in the recommended position. Everything is over. I would like to write more, but so far no forces. Maybe someday, in old age, when there is nothing to do, I'll write about what I managed to touch during the 11-day dry hunger and what I did not write about in this diary. I can only say that fasting is not only a powerful therapeutic tool, a way of self-discovery, integration of the experience of your life, it is an opportunity to open access to the unknown and boundless hidden reserves of our bodies and psyche, and maybe something else hidden in us and completely unknown . In the meantime, I will take care of what I have been dreaming of for so long - I will take a bath with foam, get drunk, filtered and stay with silver, melted water and enjoy the smells, tastes, colors and sounds of our world with a sense of that inexpressible freshness and novelty that are possible only after prolonged fasting.

P. S. Short catamnesis: a blood test from 15 March without pathological changes; in the biochemical analysis of blood, the cholesterol and beta-lipoprotein indices were normalized. On ultrasound, there is no stone in the left kidney. Condition is good, well, too. Significantly increased hearing and vision. The skin became smooth and supple. Mucous membranes - bright, eyeballs - white and shiny. Fears disappeared (heights, dogs, etc.). There was a state of inner balance, active creative plans ... And what happened to me in the period of getting out of 11-day dry hunger and after, I'll write another time. This is a separate story.

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