Dry fasting / Healing Abstinence / according to L.I. Shchennikov

Leonid Aleksandrovich Shchennikov is a unique person. He developed a very interesting technique for dry fasting, which he called the Healing Abstinence.

Shchennikov L.A.

The name of dry fasting in the author's opinion does not correspond to the content of this method of treatment. After all, during abstinence from food and water, the body itself starts to produce water, as well as suck it through the skin during water procedures and absorb from the air.

Initially, Shchennikov tested the technique on himself. He repeatedly performed dry fasting for 7-10 days, once spent as an experiment fasting for 21 days.

During fasting, absorbed moisture and evening air and through baths and water procedures. At this time he lived in Kislovodsk. Gradually, followers appeared, with whom Shchennikov spent starvation 5-7 days groups 2-3 rights. Most often, they were vacationers from local sanatoria. The glory of the miraculous method of healing spread throughout the country. The healer began to come from the whole union, as well as from abroad. Gradually the method of Healing abstinence took shape in a harmonious system of treatment and rehabilitation.

In 1993, the author patented his method called "Method of Rehabilitation of the Body".

The main advantages of the method of Healing Abstinence for Shchennikov.

Spaciousness and accessibility. Do not need expensive drugs, procedures. You can use it yourself.

Efficacy for a wide variety of diseases in different age groups. According to the author's improvement, 100 percent of patients are reached, and recovery in 95%.

General recovery and rejuvenation of the body.

Excellent weight loss, improves metabolism.

Strengthens a person's faith in their abilities, improves thought processes, promotes spiritual development.

Cleanses, the skin, the digestive tract, the kidneys.

Promotes the utilization of diseased cells, stones in the kidneys and gallbladder, cleans vessels of cholesterol plaques.

Excellent reduces high blood pressure, improves the function of the mediastinal, vegetative systems.

Stimulates the immune system, activates the processes of toxin removal.

Allows to use it for such serious diseases as hepatitis, oncological diseases, bronchial asthma, angina pectoris and other very diverse diseases.

And many other positive effects for our body.

Contraindications to the use of dry fasting on Shchennikov.

- Severe diseases of the nervous system, such as: epilepsy, schizophrenia, manic-depressive syndrome, obsessive states, hereditary mental disorders, severe head trauma; after a severe concussion of the brain - only short courses on 1-3-5 days; encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, other inflammatory diseases of cns, cerebral palsy, cerebral tumors;

- pregnancy and lactation;
hypothyroidism and thyrotoxicosis;
- diseases of the inner ear, including, with the transferred infection
- pronounced body mass deficit;
- Oncological diseases 3 and 4, metastases, condition after chemotherapy and radiotherapy
- acute renal failure, acute infectious diseases of the kidneys;
- hemophilia, thrombophlebitis; thrombosis;

- condition after a major focal myocardial infarction, grade III heart failure, chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system;

- Individual intolerance of fasting without fluid;

- the patient's reluctance to use fasting.

- Children up to 9 years.

Features of the technique of Shchennikov.

By its nature, Healing Abstinence can be attributed to dry fasting, in which contact with water, washing, water procedures are allowed.

There are also some features.

The author is against enemas before starvation. It is best to go through cleansing with a vegetable diet.

During fasting, enemas are also not practiced.

At the time of fasting, it is recommended to change the regime of the day somewhat - to walk at night to fill the body with moisture from the air.

Baths and baths are also urgently needed, and their duration can be very significant, since the body through the skin starts sucking water, creating a kind of counterflow of liquid in the body.

It is recommended to start the practice of fasting according to Shchyenikov with one-day dry starvation according to 24-36 hours 1 once a week with the subsequent correct exit and nutrition of milk and vegetable food. Once in 2-3 months, you can spend dry fasting for a period of 3-5 days. To cure serious illnesses, you will need to fast for a period of 9-11 days. It is better to do this under the supervision of a specialist.

Recommendations for dry fasting according to the method of Shchennikov from his book "The system of healing by Leonid Shchennikov., Healing abstinence from liquid and food"

Practical advice of the author in the psychological preparation for the course of Healing Abstinence in the home and stationary conditions.

The main principle of Healing Abstinence is a voluntary desire to undergo a course of recovery according to this method. Naturally, this is an individual decision of each, nobody can force you to be healed. The beginning of the course is a preliminary, two weeks before the passage, physical and psychological preparation. We need to give this special attention and time. Correct, firm psychological preparation, the mood is 50% success. With it, it will be easier for you to complete the planned course without disruptions and unnecessary thoughts.

To begin with, I recommend refraining from food and food for 36 hours. This will help to believe in their own strength for a long course, and will also give the first experience. Do not inform anyone about this, since the 36-hour abstinence does not require additional training. Then go through three days of abstinence, which is also not so difficult as

it seemed. The main thing is to overcome the psychological barrier and fear of abstinence. A man is always frightened by the unknown. All life is unknown, do not be afraid of fear itself. Who overcomes fear, proceeds to the second stage - a long Healing Abstinence.

Naturally, for the passage of a long course, there must be a positive attitude toward success. You have to be confident in your abilities, because many people could do it, but why can not you? Folk wisdom says: "A weak man seeks a reason, a strong one works."

Wish to be healed, wish to overcome the very unbelief - and your life will begin to change immediately! To consolidate my spirit and faith, I suggest using auto-training.

  1. I will survive without liquid and food the entire intended course of Healing Abstinence.
  2. I believe in healing.
  3. I do not want anything but healing.
  4. I believe in my strength, etc.

Prepare, write, if you need what you say to yourself before the beginning of the course, what is right for you - a simple but determined, assertive language.

You should know that the cycle of Healing Abstinence can be interrupted at any stage of the passage without any damage to health. However, I recommend that you be consistent in your thoughts and actions. So, if you, for example, are attuned to 7-day abstinence, you should not admit until the end of the course to think like "until the end is not so much, a day earlier, a day later what's the difference ..." Remember that there is a difference, and essential. Every day in the body there are certain processes, and since this method in the shortest time implies the achievement of maximum results, it is important to consistently implement all recommendations on the holding of Healing Abstinence. Do not be tempted, be stronger than them, because you have already found the strength to begin. Do not stop halfway!

When dousing, as well as when seeing the liquid, do not forget that "a spoonful of water violates abstinence." Indeed, is it because of the passing enthusiasm for thought to lose so much that has already been acquired and to discredit its own results?

I will say briefly - you know that you can interrupt the course at any time without damage to health, but there is no need to think about it all the time. Most importantly, do not forget that you are a person and your thoughts and actions depend on you, and not vice versa.

If you have difficulties in overcoming possible further psychological barriers, I recommend picking up this book and rereading it again, reading about the experience of other people who successfully practice this method for healing from ailments. In the period of Healing abstinence, I also recommend reading spiritual literature. At the end of the book for the Orthodox Christians are brief excerpts from the Teachings of the great old man Schemonoh and Archimandrite Paisius Velichkovsky.

Remember: the first experience is the most difficult, but it opens up new boundaries for you, new opportunities in life. Without trying, you can not get an idea of ​​anything! More courageous!

Overcome uncertainty, defeat the disease, and you will enter a new level of life. And on what? Find out for yourself!

Be prepared for the fact that the daily weight loss will be about 1 kg, and for a full 11-day course - 10-12 kg. I hope this information will please people who want to get rid of fat deposits and excess weight, and further stimulate to action, since this problem in our life is not the last place. But what to do if you are, as they say, skin and bone? Or if, due to an illness, you have already lost enough weight and are afraid of losing it further? Do not be afraid of this. First, a person without damage to health (and this is a confirmed medical fact) can lose up to 45% of body weight from the generally accepted norm. Secondly, even with loss of appetite due to certain diseases, as well as psychoemotional conditions, depression after the course of 100% of patients, and this is absolutely certain, a healthy appetite is restored unconditionally along with a bright surge of positive perception of the surrounding world. The organism self-regulates in accordance with the laws of nature. So, with excess body weight after passing the full course of Healing Abstinence, your weight will be normalized and balanced in the same way as in the case of inadequate weight.

Remember that during the course of the Curative Maintenance, the organism automatically regulates the intake of moisture through the hypermated skin but the time for taking a cold shower or bath and through the respiratory organs during walks on fresh (preferably overnight, containing an increased percentage of ozone) air due to the condensation of cooled air vapor on the skin and respiratory organs. Therefore, it is very important to perform the mode of taking air baths and periodically dousing. Cuffing can be used 2 - 4 times a day, cool or cold water exclusively. The fact that being in the open air, especially at night, and dousing with cool or cold water, bring tangible benefits and relief, you can be sure already on the first day of the method. The skin begins to "breathe", feeding on moisture, since the body is "reverse" processes, not focused on excretion, but on absorption.

Pouring cold water with a natural lowering of the cold threshold of the body already on the third day favorably "works" for hardening and strengthening the body. Do not be afraid to get cold. In the period of Healing Abstinence it is almost impossible. Even unprepared people already at the 3-4 day of the course can perform water procedures in the open air, despite the weather conditions. Catarrhal phenomena are excluded.

So, adherence to the regime and being in the open air, taking a cool shower will bring you double results for health, as well as a qualitatively new perception of yourself and the environment in closer connection with natural processes.

For the duration of a long course of Healing abstinence, I recommend taking a vacation, seclusion. Do not allow unnecessary "guardianship" on the part of relatives if they are not able to take your decision for some time to refrain from liquids and food. It's good, if close to you will be like-minded people who support you on your way to health. Unfortunately, there are examples of rejection by unprepared people, those for whom the words themselves abstain, fasting is something incomprehensible or even unacceptable. Do not forget about the human fear of the unknown, so do not argue long, trying to convince someone at any price. If you do not have the opportunity to retire for the duration of the course, try gently to impress family and friends that you appreciate their care, but you need to take care of yourself not by word, but by deed. Ask them to help you to refrain from temptations, to support you. I am sure that they will not be able to deny you this. If you abstain in a house where there is someone else besides you, you are in a separate room, it is better with a balcony to have direct access to fresh air (this applies primarily to big cities). If conditions permit, go through the course of Healing Abstinence in nature, in a mountainous area or in a country house - this is the best thing you can do. Nature will support you. During the abstinence, save energy, do not waste it on conversations. For information, the opera singer for 3 hours of work on stage loses from 3 to 5 kg of "live" weight, and the lecturer's work is comparable in energy costs to physical loads. Remember that silence is gold. Let inside you create a vicious circle of energy. Be like the Easter egg - a symbol of wholeness - it will undoubtedly facilitate the period of healing.

The implementation of the Method of Healing Abstinence is available to anyone (see Contraindications) with strict adherence to the prescribed regimen.

The method of Healing Abstinence (7, 9, 11 days) serves for:

1) effective stimulation of healing and recovery processes that enhance the body's resistance (immunity);

2) protection against various adverse (external and internal) factors of influence on an organism of environment, psychoemotional influence;

3) rid people of various disease states and chronic diseases at different stages of development;

4) strengthening and regeneration of regenerative and reparative processes in organs and tissues;

5) general prevention and prevention of possible disorders in the body;

6) strengthening and rejuvenating the body;

7) rid of excess weight, restore the correct metabolism in the body;

8) successful fight against harmful habits;

9) a significant extension of the period of active creativity and life;

10) disclosure and development of the hidden reserves of intelligence available to each person in the form of unrealized potential;

11) joyful and harmonious perception of the surrounding world and active active creativity for the benefit of themselves, society and the whole of mankind;

12) improve the work of the musculoskeletal system, fight with osteochondrosis, etc., a rehabilitation and support program after severe injuries.

  1. Remove from the eyes food and liquid and do not think about them.
  2. For the duration of the course, abstain from sexual activity.
  3. Breathe only with your nose, try not to talk, that is, carefully save energy. Strictly keep your mouth shut. Do not spit the saliva. It is advisable to refrain from mouth rinsing and teeth cleaning.
  4. Movements should be smooth, calm. Do not make sudden climbs, exclude unnecessary physical activity, effort.
  5. Use a cool shower (keeping your mouth closed).
  6. Do not lie, try to move slowly and calmly, do something easy (knit, embroider, draw, write, read, etc.).
  7. Be meek and humble, by showing the kind that you stand the course, follow all the instructions for passing the course.
  8. Wear a lightweight, "breathing" clothing, the best linen.
  9. If possible, walk barefoot, which is a diuretic, "expelling" slags and toxins.
  10. At night to (or) early in the morning to stay awake in the air.
  11. Periodically ventilate the room in which you are, at night leave an open window, window or balcony door.
  12. Strictly follow the recommendations but to exit from Healing Abstinence.


For each day of the course of Ts. V.

6.00 - 12.00 Sleep or rest

12.00 - 14.00 Shower, walk on the air

14.00 - 17.00 Individual lessons, communication

in a written form

17.00 - 19.00 Reading, autogenic training, tireless creative activity,

keeping a diary with a record of sensation, changes in the work of the body, thinking

19.00 23.00 Soy or rest

  1. 00 6.00 Shower or dousing. Waking

on air.

Sensations and practical advice for every day when performing the Schennikov technique

1 day

Overcoming the psychological barrier, the mood for further post.

Symptoms - stra before hunger, which can be and light dizziness, nausea, headache, weakness as the results of the reaction of the neuropsychiatric system of the body to the failure of the stereotype and reflex to eat and drink.

In most, men react like that. In women, these symptoms go much easier, basically the first day passes unnoticed, if there is no first reaction of fear of hunger.

Recommendations - start to keep a diary sensation during the CW for every day (see at the end of the book). Special recommendations, except for compliance with the regime, no.

Weight loss is from 1 to 1,5 kg.

2 day

If the psychological barrier is not overcome before the test of fasting without water and food on 1 day, then sometimes these same symptoms are observed on the 2 day.

On 2 day there is a desire to eat, but it must be overcome, like thirst.

There is dizziness, sometimes headache, sucking in the pitcher. These symptoms do not need to be afraid - this is the result of the work of the nervous system, which you could not adjust by auto-training.

We recommend the following auto-training commands:

- I do not want to eat.

"I do not want to drink."

- I do not depend on fear and unpleasant sensations.

"I am healed."

- I have the will power.

"I'll stand it as long as it's scheduled."

- I will overcome the psychological barrier.

"Abstinence benefits my body and me.

- I'm working on myself.

Recommendations - specific recommendations, other than compliance

mode, no.

Weight loss is 1 kg.

3 day

The body switches to internal nutrition.

The feeling of hunger and thirst is waning. In this transitional period, weakness, light dizziness, and sharp movements may cause sparks or black flies before the eyes.

Blood pressure varies depending on the characteristics of the body.

Recommendations - slowly move and not be frightened of any phenomena, because due to the adaptation of the organism to new conditions of life, the symptomatology becomes somewhat aggravated.

If you started to keep a diary, - systematically record everything that happens to you, including changing your body weight, pressure, way of thinking, your feelings. This will help to concentrate and will be useful in carrying out further possible courses for you or your loved ones.

Weight loss continues to 1 kg.

4 day

Pressure drops, body temperature may rise. This is a physiologically normal phenomenon with Healing Abstinence. Chills or fever may occur depending on the nature of the patient and the symptoms of the disease, as well as on the sex and age. At that moment, there is a redistribution of yin and yang energies and their interaction. There is a decrease in the cold threshold, normalization of thermoregulation processes, which are manifested in hot flashes and requiring the use of cold water, which stabilizes the patient's condition. Colds, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis are completely excluded.

Practitioners during this period begin and continue throughout the entire period of the TsV to walk barefoot in the snow, pour cold (ice) water, wear lightweight clothing at minus (-5 ° C, -8 ° C) air temperature.

Recommendations-do not be afraid of cold water, take a cold shower in the morning and evening. Strictly monitor that water does not enter the body, i.e. Inside!

Weight loss continues to 1 kg.


The body's signal system is activated. The most affected organs have pains, and one must be prepared for this, because at this time symptoms of hidden diseases appear, of which the patient may not know.

By effort of will, and if necessary with self-massage, these symptoms are suppressed or diminished.

Due to the body struggling with illnesses, the body temperature rises, and the person feels the heat. Blood pressure may increase or decrease depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

Recommendations - carefully and without fear follow the manifestations of pain, overcoming them with the joyful thought that all the energy of the body, wasted earlier on the splitting of food and liquids, will go to the healing of sick organs. And it feels the person himself.

You must take a cold shower, often in the air in light clothing or even without it in any weather, despite the weather (up to 0 ° C or lower). If there is snow, you can walk it barefoot.

Do not forget to keep a diary of sensations, to occupy yourself with simple work, creativity.

The desire to eat and drink disappears. The pressure gradually normalizes: the high decreases, the low increases.

Weight continues to decrease by about 1 kg.

6 day

The work of the body, aimed at healing and preventing the disease, continues. During this period, the sense of smell is significantly exacerbated. Smells that were not felt before, become bright and some even unpleasant.

There may be an ache in the lower back from a long standing or sitting in one pose. The position of the body must be chosen individually, and try to move more, avoiding sudden movements. Do not lie, except for short-term sleep during the day.

Recommendations - to ventilate the room more often, to be airborne in any weather and temperature, it is better during rain or fog, since moisture at this time is consumed through breathing and condenses through the nose. This moisture can and should be swallowed - the more, the better. At night it is necessary to stay awake, especially since the desire to sleep during this period practically disappears.

Continue to engage in auto-training. Repeat already known commands, adding the following:

"I am healed."

- I feel it through painful symptoms.

- I will survive the next day (and so on a daily basis).

"I have willpower."

"Abstinence only benefits me."

"My spirit and body are strengthened."

"I will be well."

In the period of the body's work on healing, it is necessary to strictly forbid yourself any thoughts about the use of even a spoonful of liquid!

Continue to follow all the recommendations for the course, observe the regime of life, follow the guidelines.

Weight continues to decrease, as in the previous days, by about 1 kg.

7 day

This is a period of relief, emotional recovery, stabilization of the body. There is a splitting of internal fats into liquid. Feels lightness, joy, the practitioner gets used to extreme conditions (hunger and cold).

The general condition and pressure are stabilized. Urine becomes a dark brown color - so the body gets rid of poisons.

We must rejoice!

If these symptoms are moved back to the 8 day, continue the mode as the previous day.

8 day

Usually there is a bad taste in the mouth, there is a touch and a bad smell on the tongue, but you can not open your mouth. The pulse may increase to 120 or drop to 40 beats per minute.

In some cases, nausea, dizziness, weakness, accumulation of saliva, perspiration in the throat, diarrhea are observed. Despite the fact that all these symptoms are unpleasant, they do not pose any danger. They arise as a result of auxiliary processes of cleansing the body.

New symptoms - there is bitter saliva, irritability, which you need to tame mentally, using the commands of auto-training:

- I am calm.

"I'm completely calm."

- Everything goes fine.

- I help my body to get rid of diseases.

"I know that unpleasant symptoms are part of working on oneself.

"I am healed."

If there is a slight headache and low back pain, it is necessary to kneel, touching the forehead and, if necessary, stay longer in this position. Thus, the general condition of the back stabilizes, blood circulation improves, relief comes, which makes it possible to relax lying down or sitting at your own discretion, ie, in a comfortable position.

Movements should be slowed to avoid high blood pressure.

Pain continues in the weakest, sickest organs, which is the result of the process of their healing.

Sleep - the night sleep partially disappears. It must be compensated by a night walk in the air.

Recommendations - from 8-x to 11-day drain urine into jars. Morning, afternoon and evening urine should be left in closed jars, allowing to stand for 24 hours to see how much precipitation and slag is excreted from the body. Do this until the end of Ts. V.

Before going to sleep tie the jaw so that the mouth does not open, continue this until the end of the course. Mentally monitor yourself to keep your mouth shut.

Weight loss continues to 1 kg.

9 day

The moment of "fracture"

The head burns, the body temperature rises, there is a desire to cool it, which is what it is necessary to do. There may be vomiting - a consequence of purification. Women can begin menstruation, regardless of age and cycle. There is an intensive release of waste products through the urine. Coldness of hands, feet is observed, the soles of the soles of the feet and palms whiten. Heart palpitation is increasing.

On this day there is a turning point in the struggle of the whole organism, aimed at renewing and purifying the blood. In some cases, the pulse may not be audible, but you should not be scared, it should be so. It is recommended to continue auto-training, using the above commands and gymnastics for the language: without opening the mouth, making the tongue circular movements clockwise and counter-clockwise, touching the gums. Extracted while saliva swallow.

Recommendations - to continue cooling the body with cool, cold air or water.

10 day

State of indifference, time drags on slowly.

The organism at this time overcame the crisis, the work on cleansing the blood and healing the whole organism continues successfully.

Recommendations - try to distract yourself with something (knitting, walking, light types of occupational therapy). Continue the gymnastics of the tongue with the mouth closed.

11 day

The last stage before the release

Anyone who carried out the method, saving energy, believing and hoping for healing, continues fulfilling Ts. V. until the appointed hour of release, t. hour, from which began abstinence from fluid and food 11 days ago.

Observe all of the above recommendations. Carefully and leisurely prepare for acceptance

food, given all the recommendations for the exit. Finish entries in the Diary of Feelings.

Completion of the course

Healing Abstinence, Exit

A very important stage - the completion of the course of Healing Abstinence - implies strict adherence to the instructions of the authors of the method! This is a crucial moment, which requires special stamina and consciousness.

The recommended moderation in food and fluid intake is defined as optimal for the body. When passing the health and preventive course of Healing Abstinence (5, 7, 9 days), you should also follow the outline below.

Practicing abstinence for up to 5 days may result in a more "intensive" exit. The first and subsequent meals and liquids are allowed to increase by 1,5-2 times, and the output period is reduced to 2 days.

1 release day

Exit the fasting is carried out quietly, withstood, with observance of all rules.

Take a head of fresh white cabbage, rub it on a vegetable cutlet or pass through a meat grinder and eat this mass. In the same way make a vegetable salad of fresh vegetables - cabbage, carrots, cucumber, excluding tomatoes, spices.

At one time, you can eat from 150 to 200 g of food.

Exclude yeast-containing beverages, liquids containing hops, alcohol, tea, coffee, as well as smoking.

The first eructation is a sign of starting the stomach.

In the next step (after 2-3 hours) use the same dose, and so 3 - 4 times a day, using the first day of output no more than 1000 kcal.

After eating, you need to move.

Note. If chewing movements are difficult, then juice from cabbage or salad should be squeezed out and slowly, holding in your mouth, swallow in small sips, lying on your stomach, keeping your head horizontally. This contributes to the uniform and correct start of the stomach.

Do not overdo it in taking liquids. On the 1 day after the release, take gradually up to one and a half liters of natural vegetable (not fruit) juices, excluding tomato, beetroot. Drink pure spring water or distilled water.

Do not overdo it.

Water procedures - at will - 1,2 times a day.

Weight increases from 600 g to one and a half kilograms.

2 day

You can drink 200 g of vegetable juice (liquid) for lunch, as on the first day of output, continue to eat vegetables. Food should be taken moderately, not more than 800-900 g fresh vegetables: cabbage, carrots, cucumber. You can boil and rub beets, eat no more than 100 g per day. Take food at intervals of 2-3 hours, about 1000-1200 kcal per day. On this day, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is actively continued.

It is advisable to continue to take food lying on the stomach in the above doses, starting from 13.00 h, excluding breakfast.

The amount of liquid can be increased to 2 l. a day, excluding canned and fruit juices, tea, coffee.

Water procedures can be taken at will, without supercooling, but without using hot baths, a bath, a hot shower, which can negatively affect blood pressure.

Continue to move, do not overtire, be sure to be out in the fresh air.

Weight continues to increase from 500 g to 1 kg.

3 day

You can increase the intake of fluid within reasonable limits, excluding tea and coffee, that is, sharp, hot drinks. On the 3 day, the body is already sufficiently turned on, the chair, digestive processes are restored. However, it is necessary to limit the intake of vegetarian food within one and a half kilograms. You can include a small amount of bread in the diet of bran - 100-200, buckwheat, millet porridge.

Exclude smoking, alcoholic beverages.

Continue walking, without overworking.

Take water procedures, eliminating hot baths.

Weight is added up to 1 kg.

4 day

The chair is finally normalized, the work of the stomach and intestines is restored, blood pressure and body functions are stabilized.

The intake of food can be increased, including vegetable proteins, except hard-to-digest - beans, beans, peas, mushrooms, rice. If desired, low-fat non-broth broth may be included in the diet. The amount of salt, pepper and other spices used is minimized. Add to the diet apples, dried apricots, pears, banana, etc., except grapes.

Exclude hot, exciting drinks, smoking, alcohol.

The increase in body weight is suspended.

In the following days, the further increase in body weight depends on the desired results and the foods consumed. Meat and fish can be eaten only after 7 days of leaving the post in small quantities.

To maintain a moderate intake of food, we recommend weekly observance of the "day off" for the body on Wednesday and / or Saturday on the background of a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian lifestyle, which contributes to the further prevention of diseases and the consolidation of the results achieved.

During periods of exacerbations or neglected cases of oncology, oncology, thyroid disease, blood, infertility, hereditary diseases, acute viral, hepatitis, tuberculosis, kidney stones, multiple sclerosis, irradiation, low immunity, metabolic disorders, psoriasis, severe asthma, allergy) it is recommended to repeat the course of C.V. from 7 to 9 days. It is possible to go through the repeated course through 4 and further weeks after the full exit from the previous course. This activates the healing processes that have been initiated, tearing the disease from the root, and also effectively contributes to prevention. In breaks between courses, you should observe moderation in food and drink, try to exclude salt, pepper, coffee, alcohol from the ration (it is possible to take red wine, under reduced pressure - 20-50 g of natural cognac). Dependence on tobacco smoking, alcohol after the completion of the course of CW is reduced to a minimum. Do not enter the cycle of dependence again

from harmful habits of health.

In conclusion, I want to say that no method of fasting can guarantee 100% of results. But the correct application of therapeutic starvation in combination with other methods of treatment and disease prevention can give outstanding results. This also applies to the method of dry starvation Shchennikov. Dry fasting 1-3 days are unlikely to significantly affect the majority of chronic diseases. A dry fasting for longer periods is best used under the supervision of a specialist, clearly observing all the recommendations and not forgetting about the numerous contraindications.

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