Fasting is the only natural
way to improve all living beings.

The methodological guide for the dry five-day fasting was compiled on the basis of collective experience in the Self-Recreation Center "ROSTIKI".

Dry fasting is sometimes called the term "absolute fasting." Dry fasting for up to three days is widely known as a component of unloading diet therapy (4 *). It is safe to say that dry five-day fasting is a further direction in the development of unloading and dietary therapy for the future, but it has not yet been officially approved.

For the first time, the practical possibility of dry five-day fasting became widely known from the publications of Lavrova Valentina Pavlovna. (1 *), (2 *). Based on known information and new results, it can be argued that dry
five-day fasting opens up new colossal reserve possibilities of cleaning the body and enhancing human immunity, given to it by NATURE itself. It is natural, versatile and most effective.
method of all existing methods of purification, healing and rejuvenation of organisms of all living beings.

With dry fasting, blood, the gastrointestinal tract and other organs are purified from infection and parasites, the tissues of all organs are regenerated, the whole body's metabolism is activated, allergies pass,
"slags" are removed, tumors can dissolve, skin becomes younger, hair darkens, etc. Cleansing the body occurs at the cellular level. And the whole healing process is carried out by the Chief Therapist - the very wise NATURE.

Before you begin dry fasting yourself, you need to be very well, comprehensively, consciously prepare for it and carry it out with caution.


1.1. Dry fasting (SG) is carried out without food and without water.
You can not: drink, wash your hands, wash your face, brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, fall into the rain, avoid contact with water (rubber gloves should be used).

1.2. Food and water regime in the preparatory period and the intervals between the days of dry starvation.

refined sugar, sugar-containing products, sugar substitutes, salt, salt-containing products, meat (beef, lamb, pork), coffee, alcohol, smoking.

fish, poultry, eggs, kvash, (8 *), any dairy products, honey, stevia, fruits, dried fruits, berries, raw and boiled vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, seaweed, bran, various cereals, soaked cereal grains and legumes. Particularly useful biogenic (live) food - sprouted grains of different crops, green wheat germ "survival" (6 *). At the same time, you can drink clean filtered water, sugar-free juices and beverages, tea from light healing herbs, mineral water, wash your face, take a shower, bath, etc.

1.3. Indications and contraindications for SG.

The indications and contraindications given in this section are not categorical. All people organisms have individual characteristics, different immunity and the nature of the disease, too, always
different. If for one person any disease may be an absolute contraindication for SG, then for another it may be a relative contraindication. Each person requires a cautious, attentive and individual approach to the problem of the treatment of diseases and rehabilitation by the SG method. Therefore, the indications and contraindications given in this section should be considered conditional. Common
indications and contraindications for unloading and diet therapy, including three-day SG, are given in the information source (4 *).

1.3.1. Indications:
· Neurocirculatory dystonia of hypertonic and mixed type and hypertension of stage I and II;
· Initial manifestations of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease (with the exception of the condition after suffering a severe myocardial infarction and atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis with cardiac rhythm disorders and
conductivity, as well as severe circulatory failure (II b and III degree);
· Bronchial asthma and obstructive syndromes;
· Pulmonary sarcoidosis stage I-II;
· Functional diseases of the digestive system (functional indigestion, biliary dyskinesia, irritable bowel syndrome);
· Chronic gastritis and gastroduodenitis;
· Chronic non-calculous cholecystitis and pancreatitis;
· Chronic enteritis and colitis;
· Deforming osteoarthrosis, osteochondrosis, rheumatoid arthritis (with the exception of cases that occur with high activity and corticosteroid dependence);
· Obesity of alimentary diencephalic and constitutional genesis;
· Disovarian sterility;
· prostate adenoma;
· Skin allergies (chronic urticaria, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, drug or food polyallergy);
· Trophic ulcers;
· Neurosis, depressive states, sluggish schizophrenia;
· Resistance to drug therapy.
1.3.2. Diseases in which SG should be carried out with caution, showing special care and an individual approach:
· Neurocirculatory dystonia of hypotonic type;
· Gallstone disease (high lithogenicity of bile);
· Urolithiasis (oxalaturia, phosphaturia, uraturia);
· Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
· phlebeurysm;
· Iron-deficiency anemia;
· Infectious and parasitic diseases;
· Early childhood (up to 14 years) and senile (older than 70 years);
· Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus;
· Gout.
1.3.3. Contraindications:
· Malignant neoplasms and hemoblastase;
· Active pulmonary tuberculosis and other organs;
· Thyrotoxicosis and other endocrine diseases;
· Active acute and chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis;
· Chronic liver and kidney failure of any origin;
· Purulent-inflammatory diseases of the respiratory and abdominal cavity;
· Pronounced activity (III degree) of the inflammatory process of any localization;
· Circulatory failure II b - III degree;
· Persistent violations of heart rhythm and conduction;
· Pronounced lack of body weight;
· Thrombophlebitis and thrombosis;
· The period of pregnancy and lactation;
· Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus;
· Violation of blood clotting;
· Unclear diagnosis of the disease.

  • Two weeks before the start of the SG, the implementation of the recommendations set out in paragraph 1.2 should begin.
    · One week before the start of SG, it is recommended to completely switch to vegetable food.
    · At the end of the preparatory period, one should eat one last time and drink water as much as possible during the last hour, with lemon or honey.
    · SG (not very strictly) begins after the last sip of water.

In SG schemes:
· The word “hunger” means everything that is indicated in paragraph 1.1;
· The word “food” means everything that is indicated in paragraph 1.2;
· “Dry starvation period” is the days of fasting and the next days of food until the next fasting
"The total dry starvation period" is all the days of fasting and food from the beginning of the fasting to the beginning of the way out of the fasting.
1 schema. "Cascade sparing"
The 1 scheme is recommended for people who are unsure and performing SG for the first time.
· Period 1: 1 day hunger - 1 or 2 or 3 weeks - food.
· Period 2: 2 days of hunger - 1-2-3 weeks - food.
· Period 3: 3 days of hunger - 1-2-3 weeks - food.
· Period 4: 4 days of hunger - 1-2-3 weeks - food.
· Period 5: 5 days of hunger - out of SG.
2 schema. "Cascade on Lavrov"
· Period 1 (day after day): 1 day hunger - 1 day food. 1 day hunger - 1 day food, etc. as many times as you like
· Period 2 (two in two): 2 days of hunger - 2 days of food. 2 days of hunger - 2 days of food ...
· Period 3 (three in three): 3 days of hunger - 3 days of food. 3 days of hunger - 3 days of food ...
· Period 4 (four through four): 4 days of hunger - 4 days of food. 4 days of hunger - 4 days of food ...
· Period 5 (five through five): 5 days of hunger - 5 days of food. 5 days of hunger - 5 days of food ...
3 schema. "Cascade short"
· 1 day hunger - 2 day food.
· 2 days of hunger - 3 days of food.
· 3 days of hunger - 4 days of food.
· 4 days of hunger - 5 days of food.
· 5 days of hunger - out of SG.
4 schema. "Cascade abbreviated"
The 4 scheme is recommended for trained, but after a very long break.

3 days hunger - 5 ... 10 days food. 5 days of hunger - out of the SG.

5 schema. "Five"
The 5 scheme is designed for the well-trained.

5 days of hunger - out of the SG.

6 schema. "Cascade cautious"

This is a cascade according to the 1 scheme, but with the addition of the hunger period not on days, but on 12 hours (in the presence of complex health problems).
Other SG schemes are possible.


4.1. With a brief (24-x or 36-and hour) SG special preparation for fasting is not required and a strict exit from the SG is optional. However, the first meal after SG should be moderate.

4.2. Mandatory rules of dry fasting, from which you can not deviate:

Rule 1

  • Exit from a long SG. (A long SG is considered fasting for two or more days).
    · After GH, the body becomes clean, so it should only be loaded with clean, fresh, high-quality products without pathogenic microflora.
    · Exit from the SG should be strict because the exit from the SG is much more important than the SG process itself.
    · If the onset of SG occurs, for example, in 18 hours (when the last time they drank water), then the output from the SG should also occur in 18 hours (earlier even on 5 minutes - it is impossible).
    · In 18-00, you can brush your teeth and get drunk with cool (specially cooled) clean, boiled water - as much as you want, you can with lemon. Drink should be in small doses intermittently for two hours.
    It is impossible to drink neither warm, nor hot, nor mineral, nor raw spring, nor any other water. In very rare cases, the first sips of water can cause nausea. Then, every sip of water must be held in the mouth, mixing it with saliva, and then swallowed after 20 - 30 seconds. Drinking water can be combined with washing in the shower. After a shower, it is good to pour cold water over it, and then take a warm (hot, impossible) bath with infusions of herbs
    (no more than 8 minutes). Simultaneously with the washing, you must continue to drink water until 20 hours.
    · In 20 hours you need to eat animal protein in the form of a fermented milk product:
    fatty yogurt, as you want, in small portions. (Sour milk should be prepared from milk in a package for a short storage). In sour milk, you can add fat sour cream. You can: fresh curd own
    cooking with boiled milk. It is necessary to ensure that there is no feeling of heaviness in the stomach. It is impossible: “Narine” and dairy products with questionable phytoflora (yoghurts, kefir of unknown
    origin). In the fermented milk product should contain only one pure lactic acid bacteria without yeast and fungi.
    · In 22 hours you need to eat warm protein broth (as much as you want), fish or chicken, without vegetables, well cooked, without salt and without bread. Broth can be cooked with spices (but spices are not).
    · After SG, you should start the meal in small portions. This extended time out of the SG is associated with the need to gradually apply the load to the pancreas, which was inactive during fasting and must now be carefully put into operation.

The rule of 2 for the first two days.

  • The first two days after the end of the SG it is necessary to drink only clean boiled water and, there is, basically, only fresh, protein food of animal origin: fat yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese, fish and chicken broth, boiled fish and chicken, eggs and tons .d On the second day in the morning you can eat a piece of bread (preferably not yeast), and in the evening - porridge or boiled vegetables.
    · For 2-x days you cannot eat raw food: raw milk, raw vegetables and fruits, as well as raw products of plant origin.
    · If you have eaten something wrong, and you are sickening, or you feel a metallic taste in your mouth, or a burping of a rotten egg, or swelling, you urgently need to drink a glass, two or three yogurt, and go back to animal protein.
    · The 2 rule is mandatory for everyone, including vegetarians. This is not contrary to vegetarian food. This is necessary because after the end of SG, the body is in dire need of synthesis of proteins and new cells.
    "building material", which is animal protein.
    · Breaking the 2 rule can lead to negative consequences!
    Starting from the third day, you can gradually eat the food indicated in paragraph 1.2., As well as well-digestible calcium compounds, for example, well-cooked fish heads and bones, calcium hydroxylapatite (before meals), etc., as well as foods
    Bee's vital functions: honey, apimin. Food should be varied and well saturated with vitamins and micro-macro elements. During the first five days after the start of exiting the SG, use only fresh and clean.
    high quality products. Do not use: salt and salt-containing products, sugar and sugar-containing products. During this period, beware of infection, pathogenic microflora, nitrates, etc.

Rule 3

During the general period of the SG, especially in the days of famine, it is necessary to ventilate the room, often do physical exercises, take walks in the fresh air, perform breathing exercises. Body is needed
light periodic exercise and oxygen.

Rule 4

Under no circumstances can you lengthen the pre-scheduled period of the SG in the process of starvation itself, since it corresponds to the programmed psychological state. For example, if you are tuned to a two-day fast, then it is unacceptable to switch to a three-day fast, even with very good health. On the contrary, if you do not endure hunger, then you can always get out of it ahead of schedule, observing
strict exit rules from the SG.

Rule 5

For the first time, starting SG is allowed only with one-day fasting, gradually moving to 2-x, 3-x, 4-x and 5-and daily fasting in accordance with the SG cascade schemes.

Rule 6

During the period of SG can not use any medications, do not remove the pain, endure. If the pain is intolerable, then you can leave the SG ahead of schedule, observing the rules of strict exit.

Rule 7

Before fasting, in the process of fasting and after dry fasting, no enemas are needed because the absorption of toxins from the gastrointestinal tract is absent due to lack of water.


5.1. About acidotic crisis.

In the case of FH, neither food nor water enters the human body, i.e. the flow of energy from the outside stops completely. The organism is forced to extract energy and water endogenously, i.e. inside yourself. Therefore, in the body begin
completely different, unusual chemical reactions occur, i.e. metabolic processes change. At the same time, old and diseased cells die, and only strong and healthy ones remain, which will give you strong and healthy
progeny. A very important moment of SG is acidotic crisis, which occurs after the transition to endogenous nutrition. Do not be afraid of feeling unwell during this period, for beginners, it usually occurs on the 3 day.
(But for some people, the transition period to endogenous nutrition during the 5 and daily SG can take place without a pronounced acidotic crisis).
Acidotic crisis occurs when the concentration of ketone bodies (products of incomplete decomposition of triglycerides or fats) in the body increases, and the method of their utilization is not found. This period shows bad
well-being, typical signs of intoxication (nausea, dizziness, lack of air, weakness) are felt. However, as soon as the utilization of ketone bodies begins, their concentration ceases to increase and, since
Ketone bodies are high-energy components; on them, as on fuel, the synthesis of new amino acids begins, which can lead to tissue regeneration. The regeneration process can occur with strong
pain, and this should be ready. In the initial stages of SG, an acidotic crisis can occur on the 5 day, later on on the 4, 3 and even on the 2 day after the onset of the SG. The earlier the acidotic crisis occurs,
the faster it passes, the more time is left to renew the body. For example, if the acidotic crisis occurs on the 2 day, then the 3 day will remain on regeneration.

5.2. Independent dry fasting is a very serious matter. Everyone is responsible for himself.

5.3. Conditions for obtaining positive results:
· MOST IMPORTANT - this is an active setting of one’s consciousness for self-healing (better with performing therapeutic meditations, which should contain images of health changes taking place in the problem
body and throughout the body). (7 *);
· Faith in favor of SG;
· healthy lifestyle;
· Confidence in the existence of a huge reserve capacity of its own body;
· Strict adherence to dry fasting techniques;
· Friendly attitude towards ALL and good mood;
· Hard work to improve your consciousness, because only a higher level of consciousness is able to create and maintain a higher level of the state of the physical body!
5.3. Useful information for the SG.
LH is much easier to carry than fasting with water and juices. The first SG (the most difficult) should be cascaded, for example, according to the 1 scheme. With a cascade of SG, the body gradually becomes accustomed to the lack of food and water and learns
also gradually change chemical reactions for the implementation of another metabolism. The body remembers these changes, so the SG for the second time can be carried out according to the scheme 5. For the third time and in the subsequent SG under the scheme 5
passes even easier. It is useful to make a calendar schedule of the total period of the SG, taking into account the days of the week. Exit from the SG is better to schedule on weekends. It is useful to make an advance menu for meals in between
days of fasting. It is necessary to prepare in advance yogurt, broths and other products, taking into account the possible early exit from SG. It is useful to record the results and all your feelings while conducting the SG in a diary:
amount and condition of urine, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, weight change, stool, etc. Cleaning the body occurs not only during the SG, but also after. Therefore, urine should continue to be collected during
several days after leaving the SG. Each daily portion should be stored until 2-days to observe precipitation. Establish friendships for consultation with people who have experience with SG, especially with supporters
SG When conducting an SG, do not be offended by anyone, show kindness to everyone, do not be annoyed, do not argue with anyone, do not scold anyone, do not allow negative emotions, evade negative. (Do not come closer to the dead man 5 meters). If you started a cascading five-day fast and began to feel bad (in the process of acidotic crisis), then you can not finally stop at the third or fourth day. We need to rest for a few days, gain strength and continue the SG again, in order to bring it up to five days. Set a large number of days SG nothing significant means. For example, one-day 5 SG and one 5-and daily SG - this is not the same thing. When conducting SG it is necessary to save the strength of the body and not waste its energy in vain. The number of days of food between days
fasting can be increased at its discretion in order to gain weight for the subsequent period of fasting. Useful 24-x or 36-hourly SG to conduct weekly, for example, on Mondays, and 5-and daily - 1 or 2 times a year. According to some sources, starvation is best carried out in a period of decreasing moon (with a darkened moon). If you have problems with the liver, it is necessary to clean the liver before and after SG. It is necessary in advance, before the start of the SG, to clearly program in your mind the time of exit from the SG, for example, in 18-00. Do not flatter yourself with a pleasant feeling of lightness and health after the SG. If you are not going to change your lifestyle and increase your spiritual level, then your body may return to its former state after some time. After the SG, it is advisable to conduct anti-oncological diet (8 *). For all people, the process of SG is different. D U M AY T E!


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(6 *). In the Self-Recreation Center "Rostock" you can purchase:
· Medicinal foods;
· For syroedeniya - wheat for sprouting according to the "Survival" program of short shoots up to 5 mm or long green shoots up to 120 mm. Wheat of a special grade is designed specifically for raw food and is not sold in stores;
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Compiled by -
Yugov Evgeny Vasilyevich,
Self-Cultivating Center "Sprouts",
edition of 10.10.2005.



The methodological manual on the conduct of the anti-oncologic diet is based on the collective experience in the Self-Recreation Center "ROSTIK".
In order to cleanse the body of all kinds of parasites and tumor cells, it is necessary to create inappropriate conditions for their existence in the human body. They can live and develop only in favorable conditions, eating ready-made animal proteins. Therefore, if you exclude animal proteins from food and switch to food with raw plant foods, this will lead to changes in metabolic processes (chemical reactions that metabolize) and create destructive conditions for parasitic formations.

The anti-oncological diet (AOD), in addition to the main purpose, is recommended for ALL to clean the body of parasitic forms and effectively activate the immune system in a natural way without the use of medicines.

The essence of the ANM is to comply with three conditions:
1) food raw, vegetable is not heat-treated and not sweet foods (raw foods).
2) use of kvash - a product based on specific lactic acid bacteria (which will be discussed later)
3) douche with cold water.



Before conducting the ANM, it is advisable to conduct a dry fasting according to the method of the Self-Recreation Center “ROSTKA” (3 *). Between dry starvation and ANM, a recovery period of approximately 2 a month is needed. Dry fasting is a preparatory stage of cleaning the body and improving immunity before conducting AOD.
· Before conducting the ANM, it is necessary to accustom your body to eating kvashi.


With an anti-oncologic diet DO NOT use:
· Animal proteins and fats (meat, fish, caviar, eggs, milk and dairy products, butter).
· Heat-treated products, including bread.
· Cosmetics, which consists of animal fats.
· Refined sugar and sugar-containing products, honey.
· Sweet berries, fruits and dried fruits (strawberries, bananas, grapes, pears, peaches, dates, figs).
· Instant coffee.
Meat (beef, lamb, pork) and refined sugar from normal food should be excluded FOR EVERYTHING after the AOD.

With an anti-oncologic diet it is POSSIBLE to use:

Raw, not sweet, sour plant foods: sour apples, sour berries (cranberries, lingonberries, kiwi, red mountain ash), weakly sweet vegetables (carrots, beets). In any quantity you can eat onions, garlic, greens, sauerkraut.
You can eat peas, mushrooms, nuts, seaweed, soaked cereals and grains.
The best nutrition is the nutrition of live seedlings, especially wheat seedlings short to 5 mm and long greens to 120 mm according to the “Survival” program. (4 *). Vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals can
Prepare in any combination in the form of salads, as fantasy suggests, pour all the water over it, add some vegetable oil (preferably olive oil) and add salt. You can use apple cider vinegar, but
better lemon juice. You can eat raw potatoes, pre-sliced ​​and soaked in water 2 hours. Very grated on a grated beetroot with garlic, poured with lemon juice and vegetable oil! Water must always
use only boiled. You can drink tea from light healing herbs.


The period of exit from the ANM is approximately 5-10 days. It is necessary to leave the ANM carefully, controlling oneself, without overeating. The first product that should be gradually introduced into food in addition to the diet is black or
brown bread (preferably without yeast). Then, little by little - sweet fruits and dried fruits (grapes, strawberries, bananas, dates, etc.), honey. Then steamed vegetables, cereals, dairy products, (clabber, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese),
gradually moving to regular food. It is not recommended to use dairy products with questionable microflora, such as yoghurts, kefirs of unknown origin and especially “Narine”. When ANM occurs a large
loss of calcium, so the first thermally processed food that needs to be introduced (in a week) should be an ear, cooked from the heads and tails of large fish (better than sturgeon). Broth (without potatoes) must be very
concentrated. Boil need 4 hours. Wuhu should be eaten with 2-3 bones once a week for a month or longer at will.

  1. Kvasha


Kvasha is a necessary product with an anti-oncological diet and the most important food for any health system. This is a living natural product. Kvasha is a nutrient medium in which they live
friendly to our body special lactic acid bacteria, which previously fed on animal protein from milk, and then learned to eat vegetable protein from flour. Therefore, they have changed (in shape, size and
energy) and became unusually active. They produce all the vitamins necessary for humans (except for vitamin C), suppress pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract due to lactic acid and normalize
composition of microflora in the body. Penetrating along with the blood flow to all organs, they suppress parasitic forms and formations, including cancer cells.
Their main merit is that they very effectively activate the protective properties of the body - the immune system.


Purchase clean, fresh milk or milk in bags for non-long-term storage.
Pour the milk into a clean dish, and place in a clean, dry, warm place. Lactic acid bacteria will enter the milk from the air, which in a few days will turn the milk into yogurt with the release of whey.
Drain half a glass of fresh whey into a glass half-liter jar.
Stir all this with flour to a creamy state of medium thickness (you can add cooled boiled water.) Flour should be without yeast and without any additives. Good to use rye flour coarse
grinding with bran, but you can and wheat. It is better to use a special mixture of rye bran with seaweed crumbs. (4 *). It is recommended flour, bran before use lightly fry to destroy not desirable
microflora. Cover dishes with gauze and place in a clean, dry, warm place.
After a few days, the lactic acid bacteria will learn to eat vegetable protein, and kvasha will begin to "bubble" and increase in volume. This means that kvasha is alive and can be used both for food and
ferments for cooking the next portion of kvashi.
The shelf life of such a ferment is no more than 2-s months, as it becomes clogged with yeast, fungi (mold) and other non-beneficial bacteria in the room air (ventilate the room, use clean dishes). After that, you need to prepare a new kvass from fresh milk.
There are other ways to cook kvashi.


Prepare crockery, for example, a glass jar of 0,5 - l. 1.
Stir in a jar of leaven, flour and boiled water at room temperature until creamy state of medium density.
The volume of freshly cooked kvashi in the bank must occupy the 1 / 3 part of the volume of the jar, because the kvasha will "rise and fall".
Close the jar of pickle with gauze so that the air must pass through the jar.
A jar of kvasha is best kept in a clean, dry, cool place.
If kvasha "bubbles" and smells good, it means that it is alive and can be used. If kvasha “bubbles” very intensively with a “cap” and an unpleasant smell appears, then you should not use such kvasha (in it
got yeast fungi).
Kvasha needs to be stirred daily and be sure to feed with fresh 1 flour once every one or two days and treat it like a beloved living creature.
It is good to adhere to this rule: use 2 / 3 volume of kvashi from a jar for food and add the same amount of fresh flour and water to keep the volume of old kvashi equal to 1 / 3 jars.
You need to get used to eating food gradually until the ANM.
First you need to dissolve 1 / 2 a tablespoon of kvashi on 1 a glass of water and drink it like kvass (with honey, juice). Then - 1 Art. l Then, it is possible to add kvash in small portions to any food. Then, you can eat kvash in any
quantity anytime with any food (preferably vegetarian). Kvash bacteria can live in humans for about 2 hours, so you should eat kvash several times a day. Kwashoy is also useful to wash,
wash hair, smear in a bath (lactic acid bacteria penetrate the skin), from the remains of kvash you can bake pancakes, the remnants of kvash can wash dishes, etc.
When you learn to use your food, you can begin to conduct your experiments and enhance your own experience. It is good to use wheat and rye bran, flour of other products: corn, buckwheat, oatmeal and
etc., except legumes, rice and millet. It is also good to use a mixture of bran and flour from different cereals. Well learn from experienced people to prepare kvasha with celandine.
Kvasha as a starter can be transferred to other persons. (Enough 2-x tablespoons). However, you should know that the most useful kvasha own cooking, and it will work most effectively only
on the one who cooked it himself.


Dousing with cold water is a mandatory procedure every day (preferably twice a day). Dousing should be performed in running water (open the stopper in the bathroom). Pour the water over your head while holding the bucket around at 10
cm above the head.


  • The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to actively tune one’s consciousness to self-healing (better with performing therapeutic meditations, which should contain images of health-improving changes occurring in the problem
    body and throughout the body). (5 *).
    · Faith in favor of the ADM.
    · healthy lifestyle
    · Confidence in the existence of a huge reserve capacity of its own body
    · Strict adherence to the methodology of the AOD
    · Friendly attitude towards ALL and good mood
    · Hard work to improve your consciousness, because only a higher level of consciousness is able to create and maintain a higher level of the state of the physical body!


  • Duration of AOD should be three months without a break.
    · It is necessary to switch to the ANM from a normal diet abruptly, immediately.
    · The guarantee of successful use of the ANM can only be its strictest implementation and the duration of its application - three months. Accidental deviation from the ANM (if even eating once, for example, a piece of cheese - animal protein), will make the ANM useless.
    · After a break of 3 - 4 for a month, it is imperative that you repeat the 3's monthly ANM rate.
    · Through 2 - 3 weeks after the transition to the ANM, an exacerbation will occur as a result of toxemia associated with the death of various parasites who cannot adapt to new metabolic processes and die in huge
    quantity. Decay products can be excreted from the body in three ways:
    through the kidneys with urine, through the digestive tract with feces and sometimes through the skin in the form of inflammatory emissions. At the same time, body temperature may increase, general well-being may deteriorate: there may be fever, pain,
    dizziness, sore throat (you need to remove this pain, using cranberries without sugar), great weakness, etc. The tongue and lips may blacken. Black can hold up to two weeks, and then pass. After about 1 - 1,5 of the month
    improvement of the general condition is sure to come, pain will decrease dramatically and you may start to gain weight.
    · Smoking and drinking are not allowed, as well as the use of medications.
    · For the period of the ANM, intimate relationships are not allowed.
    · It is necessary to be careful of nitrates in products.
    · It is necessary to use only high-quality, fresh products.
    Care should be taken to disinfect products (wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly, etc.).
    · With kidney problems, swelling of the legs can occur when leaving the ANM. In this case, it is necessary to sharply reduce the use of soup, and it is better to switch to the use of calcium hydroxylapatite. It should also reduce the consumption
    · It is useful to record the results and all your feelings when conducting the AOD in a diary: urine condition, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, weight change, etc.
    · Establish friendly relations with people who have experience with the ANM, especially with doctors - supporters of the ANM.
    · When carrying out the ANM, do not be offended at anyone, show kindness to others, do not be annoyed, do not argue with anyone, do not scold anyone, do not allow negative emotions, evade negative.
    · All people have ANM in different ways.
    · THINK!

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