The method of dry fasting of Anna Yakub.

Anna Yakuba is a well-known propagandist of a healthy lifestyle, the author of the patented technique "The Way of Rehabilitation of the Body" and the complex system of healing the body, the head of the School of Dry Starvation and Moisture "Mriya" ("Dream"), an expert, a practitioner, a certified dry-dry specialist, author of unique author's programs "12 days that will change your life FOREVER!" (integrated learning HLS: spiritual practices, body cleansing, antiparasitic practices, dry fasting, a healthy balanced diet, Physical activity, breathing practices), "Lose Weight Together - easy and simple" (reduction and weight stabilization program), author of "The School of healing fasting and raw food", "Diary of HLS: gymnastics, diet, fasting, cleansing '".

In the School of Dry Fasting and the raw diet of Anna Yakub "Dream" you can learn the practice of prolonged dry fasting from 3 to 11 days.

Patented technique of long-term dry fasting by Anna Yakub
Description of the invention.
Country: Ukraine, patent No. 74885 "Method of Rehabilitation of the Body", patentee: Yakuba A.V. The date on which the rights apply: 12 November 2012.
The method "The method of rehabilitation of the body" is based on 5 components of the HLS, which allows not only to radically cleanse the body of pathologies, slags and parasites, but also:
· Normalize metabolism, endocrine and hormonal balance,
· Restore the potency,
· Defeat the diseases that the official meditsyna considers incurable,
• heal from infertility,
· Get ​​rid of skin diseases,
· Abandon bad habits and attachments,
· Strengthen the immune system,
· Permanently get rid of excess weight and form a new figure,
· Correct vision and hearing,
· Rejuvenate the body and prolong the time of its active vital activity,
· To change the quality of one's life, to be renewed not only by the body, but also by the spirit,
· Switch to a new type of food
· Get ​​many more bonuses ... and just start a new life.
The object of the invention is:
Increase the therapeutic effect of curative fasting, creating a complete, highly effective method of combating various diseases for use in clinical and private settings.
Cleansing the body of the products of incomplete metabolism, restoration of the body's immunological status, increasing the body's resistance to external influences, excluding drug treatment, preventing and eliminating abnormalities in the human body.
The essence of the method is:
1. Preparation period:
· Food for 15 - 30 days by natural, raw (thermally untreated) products (raw food);
· Psychological and moral mood;
· Antiparasitic practices;
· Cleaning procedures.
2. 7-11-day complete dry fasting, with the condition of motor activity, periodic reception of cold water-air procedures and gradual exit from starvation.
3. The recovery period takes place during no less than 3 days of dry fasting.

Dry fasting is a powerful healing technique. Thanks to the Internet, you can read thousands of reviews of real people who dry fasting helped to heal, rejuvenate, strengthen the body and spirit, open new spiritual horizons, nourish the body with energy, discover creative abilities ... And also those who dry fasted literally returned from the other world.

But you can also find other feedback on this practice: skeptical, disappointed and even negative. Someone did not receive the expected results and believes that he had suffered such a difficult test in vain, and someone else's state of health even worsened. What is the reason? Why did dry fasting for these people not work?

If we consider each such case, one root of disappointment will invariably come to light: incorrect adherence to the method of dry fasting. But this root cause can have a different appearance: someone lacked theoretical knowledge, someone received a negative attitude from skeptical relatives, someone continued to slosh the information with television, the Internet, talking on the mobile ...

What kind of mistakes should be avoided to a person who has tended to a successful dry fasting?

1. Perceive dry fasting not only as a way to purify the physical body, but also as a spiritual practice. If pride swallows you, fills smugness, embraces contempt for others ("Like, here I am, what a strong and wise - and these fools around do not understand anything, eat anything ...") - all positive results of practice will be leveled by your negative. Be wise and calm. Tune in to good and positive.

Unfortunately, people who consider dry fasting as a method of physical purification, like a certain diet, tend to give up advice on spiritual improvement. They do not want to look deep into themselves, "reconfigure the spiritual matrix." And, as a result, they do not get a tenth of what people get that are related to dry fasting as in spiritual practice, the opportunity to look inside yourself.

2. The lack of theoretical knowledge is thrown off the path of proper dry fasting. On the Internet, a lot has been written about dry starvation, but if you analyze these materials, it turns out that there is not really that much useful theory. A large number of materials - descriptions of people's personal experience of dry fasting. These materials are useful for motivation, but do not give practical knowledge, as each experience has its own, personal. Another person's experience will be different.

Moreover, a person who regularly practices dry fasting, each experience of prolonged starvation - is unique, because its role is played by climate, weather, health, the surrounding situation, internal state and even mood. It turns out that it is impossible to compile a general theoretical picture on the descriptions of the experience of individual people.

To get a three-dimensional vision, to comprehend the theory, one must have a great personal practical experience of different terms of dry fasting. Therefore, it is better to learn the theory of dry fasting under the guidance of a mentor.

3. Lack of practical skills can lead to serious problems. Many newcomers who decided to start dry fasting, flop into practice, as in a whirlpool with a head. Instead of starting with short terms of fasting, some immediately "go to a record", they begin to starve without any preliminary preparation. The result can be quite sad, right up to the violation of health.

Remember the important rule: you need to start dry fasting from one day. Devote this practice once a week to the same day (for example, on Friday). To begin with, that will be quite enough.

And only when you will go through one-day dry fasting with ease, when this day will become for you not a test, but a holiday - you can gradually increase the period of fasting to two, three days or more.

4. The absence of a preparatory period can completely destroy the useful results of dry fasting. Before starting this practice, the body needs to be prepared, cleaned. Dry fasting is undoubtedly a powerful cleansing technique, but the organism of modern man is so slagged that before dry fasting it is very important to reduce the level of pollution and work on changes in habits. Otherwise, dry fasting can be too much shock for the body - not even stress, but shock!

How to prepare? By changing the diet, having performed cleaning procedures (enemas or hydrocollonotherapy), paying attention to the antiparasitic purification of the body. In addition, it is important to prepare psychologically and, if possible, prepare the environment for dry fasting.

5. Do not set records for the period of fasting! This is quite a common mistake that enthusiasts allow. It seems to a person that the more days he gets hungry, the better the result, regardless of other reasons. In fact, the feat is not in the number of fasting days, but in the correct recovery. It happens that a person who starves properly for three days benefits from this practice more than the one who sets records.

The body is not a testing ground - remember this. Beginners, especially with a weakened body and a bouquet of diseases, need to enter into practice gradually, without trying to "test yourself for strength" and establish another personal record. And even more so, do not include competition, try to "outdo" those who have long practiced this technique and gradually bring the term of starvation to 7 - 10 days. Pride, the pursuit of a record, reject a person from the true meaning of this unique spiritual practice.

6. If you intend to start a long dry fasting, try to achieve isolation from society. One or two days of fasting can be done in your home or apartment, in a familiar atmosphere, but it is better to spend longer periods in isolation from your usual surroundings. Try to go to a sanatorium, to a dacha, and best of all - spend a dry starvation in nature in a group of like-minded people.

Why is this moment so important? Unfortunately, not everyone who practices dry fasting, relatives and friends treat this practice kindly. In society, a skeptical and wary attitude toward dry fasting prevails. People unfamiliar with the essence of this cleansing practice, often refer to its adepts, as to eccentrics.

Long dry fasting, in contrast to the short (which you can call "unloading day" and this environment will be easier to understand), will necessarily attract the attention of loved ones. Sepsis, ridicule, and even hidden envy - unfortunately, the frequent reaction of those close to dry fasting. Some relatives dissuade a person who has started dry fasting, and even intimidate, they want to see a doctor, even a psychiatrist!

Well, what will be the result in this situation? Instead of a state of tranquility and spiritual reboot, you will only get unnecessary stress, which will prevent you from achieving qualitative results.

Well, of course, if you have the support of loved ones! But most often it, alas, no. Few in any family will refuse to prepare a tasty smelling food that irritates the receptors of the hungry. On the contrary, they will constantly entice food: "Look, what we have prepared! Maybe stop torturing yourself? Try this! Well, take at least a small piece! ". If such a picture is typical for your environment - normal practice of dry fasting will not work.

Even if close people treat your practice neutrally or positively, in the usual situation it is difficult to achieve the right attitude. Noise, type of food, smells - all this fills the surrounding atmosphere. All this tempts, confuses, provokes ... It is necessary to spend energy on struggle against temptations and distracting factors.

That's why the ideal practice of dry fasting, especially long, is in a group of like-minded people in an ecologically clean place. First, there is a calm atmosphere, no irritating factors. Secondly, the practice is traditionally held in a beautiful, ecologically clean place. Positive impact will have a clean atmosphere, proximity to nature. Thirdly, the support of the group, the understanding of the people around you and the moral spirit of the leader are of great importance.

However, during regular one-two-day fasting it is important to limit the interaction with the surrounding social environment to the maximum. Yes, few people can leave the house regularly to spend, say, a weekly dry fasting day alone or among like-minded people, but this is not necessary. It is necessary to limit contacts with the society as much as possible and try to abstract from factors that distract from the practice of dry fasting.

7. In the process of dry fasting, refuse to use a mobile phone and other gadgets, from watching movies and TV programs, from working with a computer. All these attributes of technogenic civilization exert a strong information load on the brain. Computer games, the Internet, television, cinema - all this leads to overload and overexcitation of the nervous system. During dry fasting, rest your eyes and brain!

Another side of the negative impact of these information sources is the impact on the emotional sphere. Obtained from films, television programs, the Internet, information takes a person out of balance, prevents him from achieving peace, concentrating on spiritual practice. Finally, these sources of information arouse unnecessary desire to demonstrate food, sex, various temptations.

This is not to mention how harmful aggressive films, games, disputes! They are harmful and in normal condition, and a person who has embarked on the path of spiritual practice (which, we recall, is dry fasting), and are contraindicated.

8. To get good results, the correct way out of long dry fasting is very important. Typical errors at this stage:

- Large fluid intake in 1 - 3 day of output. The organism was reconstructed for the economical consumption of endogenous water, and a sharp load would be a shock to him.

- Excessive food intake, overeating. If a person, coming out of dry starvation, pounce on food, like a hungry wolf - problems with the gastrointestinal tract are provided.

- Fast return to heavy, thermally processed food. Starting from the practice of dry fasting, you should gradually start the digestive tract, using light foods and fermented beverages.

- Absence of cleaning procedures. The body again begins to consume exogenous energy, which means that it needs help in purifying from the impurities introduced from the outside.

- Quick access to society. Communication with others, especially those who are skeptical or negative about dry fasting, leads to a loss of strength and energy. Especially harmful are the provocations of energy "vampires" who are trying to devalue your achievements.

- Excessive information load. Do not immediately grab the mobile, turn on the TV and computer. Return to the information environment gradually.

We must also take into account, leaving dry fasting, the characteristics of your body, the body constitution, as well as the climatic conditions (time of year, weather, climate of the country where you are). That's why the help of an experienced leader is so important, which will help to make a program of correct exit from practice.

9. The recovery period plays a huge role in consolidating the results. Do not think that, coming out of dry fasting, you have already reached the set goals. The body needs to help competently manage the results achieved, consolidate them. If you ignore the rules for the passage of the recovery period, the effectiveness of dry fasting will decrease.

During the recovery period, you can not:

- Ignore cleaning procedures and antiparasitic practices. These procedures will help you continue the cleansing of the body, launched by dry starvation.

- To overload the body with food, especially heavy, harmful. Let the body form a useful microflora, start the work of the intestines and other organs of the digestive tract. Try to minimize the use of thermally processed food.

- Too much to communicate, especially with people "vampires", overly actively use gadgets, overload the brain with emotions and information coming from the TV and the Internet.

Remember: on how the recovery period will pass, the effectiveness of the results depends.

7. Return to active life gradually, spend energy sparingly. Often, people who come out of dry fasting, immediately try to lead the same lifestyle as before the practice. Having started eating food and water again, they believe that the body is already getting enough energy for habitual activity.

In fact, the body has not yet adapted, it needs time to restore energy reserves. Yes, after dry fasting the body often experiences lightness, but due to the cleaned and opened energy channels, energy is bubbling in it. But strength and endurance have not yet returned to him. In the first days after dry fasting it is necessary to limit oneself to light walks, gradually increasing activity.

8. It is necessary to eliminate the causes of deterioration of health, in other words - it is impossible to return to bad habits after dry fasting. The meaning of dry fasting will be little if after you exit it you will return to the wrong way of life. So immediately adjust yourself to the fact that after the practice of your life, tobacco and coffee, alcohol and soda, harmful food and lack of mobility, laziness and lack of sleep disappear. In general, everything that leads to contamination and deterioration of the body.

Dry fasting is a radical cleansing of the body, but there will not be much use if after starting out of practice you again begin to pollute your body, turning it into a garbage dump. Agree that if after the general cleaning immediately begin to litter in the house, the purity will not last long.

9. It is important to interrupt dry fasting in time before it becomes dangerous to the body. For each person, the term of safe dry fasting is individual. In order not to endanger yourself with prolonged starvation, conduct it under the supervision of a wise and experienced leader who, observing you, will be able to determine in time the necessity of stopping the practice.

10. Do not expect instant healing after the first long starvation, because to solve complex health problems may require more than one such approach. Dry fasting is undoubtedly a powerful healing practice. But the more extensive the "bouquet" of problems for a person, the more time and effort will be needed to combat the accumulated negative. And, what is noteworthy, chronic diseases require more efforts to cure with dry fasting than acute ones: after all, the disease "ingested" in the body, embraced various systems of the body and learned to "hide".

How much will it take to starve and how often?

The variant is always chosen individually, depending on the state of health and the existing diseases. For example, it can be cascade fasting, or repetition of practice through 1 month, or 4 call a year (quarterly). It is highly desirable that the choice of the option is helped by the advice of an experienced mentor, not only with the great practice of personal dry fasting, but also with many years of experience with hungry people.

Summarizing, it is possible to deduce three main rules of therapeutic dry fasting: caution, wisdom, common sense. Do not make mistakes in your path, and then dry fasting will bring impressive results!

CAnna Yakuba - expert, practitioner and certified specialist in dry starving, the head of the School of dry fasting and raw food "Mriya" ("Dream"), the author of the patented technique of long dry fasting "The way of rehabilitation of the body" and unique author's programs "12 days, which will change your life FOREVER! "(antiparasitic practice, dry fasting, raw food diet)," Lose weight together is easy and easy ", the author of the books" School of Curative Fasting and Raw Food "," HLL Daily: gymnastics, nutrition, starvation, s'. "

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