Types of dry fasting

Dry fasting, one of the types of curative fasting, during which not only food is excluded, but also the consumption of water completely stops. Thus - this is absolute fasting during which your mouth is on the lock.

The method of dry fasting is known for a long time, but the scientific substantiation of this method of therapeutic starvation belongs to our compatriots from the Leningrad Research Institute of Pulmonology. A great enthusiast and propagandist of this method is Dr. Filonov Sergey Ivanovich - the head of the health center "Sinegorye" in the mountainous Altai.

Recently, dry fasting is actively used and is developing in Ukraine.

There are several types of dry fasting.

Soft dry fasting.

With this type of fasting, drinking water completely stops, but water procedures in the form of baths, bathing, washing, cleansing enemas are not excluded.

Hard, absolutely dry fasting.

With this type of fasting, drinking water is completely excluded, and any contact with water / shower, bath, bathing, washing, mouthwash, enema is excluded. Rigid dry fasting has limited indications, for example, a pronounced exudative reaction of an allergic nature, pronounced edematic syndrome, and is applied for a short period of time - up to two days.

Cyclical dry fasting.

The cycles of dry fasting are conducted. The intervals between such cycles may vary from a few days to a week. In between the cycles, the patient is given a special dietary diet. The number of fasting days can also be different - from one day to a week. This fasting is often used for weight loss.

Dry fasting is contraindicated in cholelithiasis and urolithiasis, thrombophlebitis, expressed varicose veins and blood clotting disorders, and in all other cases of absolute contraindications to fasting.

Dry fasting is good for the first symptoms of colds, but you should monitor your overall well-being.

Different methods of dry fasting.

1. Long dry fasting - pages of the diary.

2. Methodology dry fasting on Filonov

3. Dry fasting by the method of Anna Yakub.

4. Method of stepwise dry fasting according to Lavrov. / Dry fasting - a methodical manual /

5. The method of dry fasting according to Leonid Shchennikov

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