Losing weight depending on the timing of fasting

During fasting, the body completely switches to internal nutrition, the basis of which is fat accumulation rights. For normal life during the day with complete water starvation, the body is enough 300-400 gram of own fat, the cleavage of which forms glucose, which is the main vital activity of man.

With a full transition to internal nutrition, it is for this amount of grams that you will lose weight in a day. But the transition to internal nutrition does not occur immediately. This takes some time, the duration of which depends both on your experience of fasting and on a number of other reasons. The average time for such a transition is 5-7 days, but in some people the crisis occurs later. Basically, this applies to beginners, for whom the transition to internal nutrition can be delayed even up to 10-11 days. Before this transition, which is called an acidotic crisis weight loss is much greater and most often amounts to 1 kg per day. With significant obesity and beginners, weight loss on these days can be even more - up to 1,5-2 kg per day. The onset of an acidotic crisis indicates a complete transition to internal nutrition. The body begins to use its resources very economically. Weight loss slows down, at first to 500 grams per day, and then to 300-350 grams per day. This weight loss usually lasts the entire period of fasting, even in spite of physical activity. With regular use of fasting, the body quickly switches to internal nutrition and is able to use its own fat more economically, therefore, weight loss may be less.

Here is an approximate weight loss graph for water starvation:

from 1 to 7 days of fasting - about 1 kg per day;

from 7 to 10 days - 500 grams per day;

with 10 days and the whole subsequent fasting period, weight loss is 300-350 gram per day.

Table of approximate weight loss in water starvation of different terms.

Duration of fasting Total weight loss
1 day 1 kg
3 day 3-3,5 kg
7 days 7 kg
10 days 8-8,5 kg
14 days 9,5-10 kg
21 day 12-13 kg
40 days 18-19 kg.

As is known, loss of 20-25% of the total weight is considered safe. As can be seen from the table, even for people with a low initial weight, starvation of short and medium terms is quite safe and can be used to treat and prevent various diseases.

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