Can I smoke during fasting?

It would seem that smoking has nothing to do with food and therefore, some believe that an extra cigarette during fasting will not do much harm. In fact, this is a very dangerous delusion.

Smoking has a very strong effect on our body. The first cigarette smoked very often causes general weakness, dizziness and even vomiting. And this is not surprising, because tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 chemical compounds, more than forty of which cause cancer.

I would like to remind all smokers of tobacco smoke:

- "solid" constituent - about 10 percent smoke. It includes various tar, as well as nicotine.

- gases and vapors are the remaining 90 percent. The main gas is carbon monoxide (CO, carbon monoxide). Formaldehyde, acrolein, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, pyridine, hydrocyanic acid (cyanide), vinyl chloride, N-nitrosodimethylamine, acrylonitrile, which also contains several hundred poisons, including nicotine, cyanide, arsenic, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide , carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic acid, etc.

 There are radioactive substances in cigarette smoke: polonium, lead, bismuth. A pack of cigarettes a day is about 500 X-rays of radiation per year!

The temperature of a smoldering cigarette is 700-900 degrees! After the penetration of cigarette smoke into the lungs, nicotine enters the brain after just seven seconds.

Over time, the body adapts to the influence of all these harmful substances and the smoker does not react so much to the effects of the components of tobacco smoke.

But during fasting, everything changes. The body reacts very sharply to the intake of harmful substances and especially to carbon monoxide. If in the first days of fasting this effect may not be so noticeable, then as the transition to internal nutrition in a smoker, it is possible to develop such unpleasant symptoms as: dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting. As the lengthening of fasting periods, all these symptoms are further intensified. Smoking is especially dangerous after acidosis crisis , when the body completely switched to internal nutrition. In such cases, very dangerous complications in the form of a sharp drop in pressure and the development of heart failure, as well as loss of consciousness with convulsions due to brain hypoxia and even death.

Therefore, smoking during fasting is strictly prohibited. In clinics practicing starvation, patients seen in smoking are immediately discharged.

On the other hand, if desired, fasting therapy can help you quit smoking. After several days of fasting, the craving for smoking weakens, and by the 7-10th day it completely disappears. At the same time, there are no pronounced withdrawal symptoms.

All beginners starvation need to remember the following:

- Smoking during fasting can be dangerous not only for your health, but for life;

- it is especially dangerous to smoke after an acidotic crisis - this is 5-7 days of fasting;

- With the help of fasting you can get rid of the bad habit of smoking.

In conclusion, I want to say that if you can not refuse cigarettes, fasting, as a method of treatment and recovery, it is better not to use it.

Especially for those who want to quit smoking, but can not - Allen Carr's book
"Easy way to quit smoking"

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