Starvation for the purpose of disease prevention

Any disease is easier to prevent than cure!    

     With the help of fasting, almost any illness can be cured. But it is much more reasonable not to allow their occurrence. Fasting, as a method of preventing disease and maintaining health is one of the best.

     For preventive purposes, the Paul Bragg system is quite suitable - these are weekly one-day fasting and fasting for 5-7 days once a quarter when the seasons change. This application of fasting will keep you in good physical shape all year round and will save you from the occurrence of both acute and chronic diseases. Periodically, once a year, you can carry out a longer fasting - for a period of 1-18 days. This system is not a dogma. Depending on your constitution, age, prior health status, your job, and marital status, you can build your own wellness system. But remember, the key to prevention is the regular use of your chosen method. If you do not constantly monitor your health, then diseases will not keep you waiting. And then you will have to make incomparably great efforts to recover.

See also: fasting in acute respiratory infections, influenza

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