The practice of fasting

In order to be able to effectively use therapeutic starvation, you need to carefully study this method. Without this, the use of starvation can cause certain difficulties. Below we present a list of pages on which you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can also use the library of our site for free, where a large number of poaulary, scientific literature on starvation is collected.

If you are afraid to use hunger alone, pay attention to the section of the clinic for curative starvation, in which the main institutions of our country and the near abroad are represented, using starvation for medicinal purposes.

No less interesting is the section on the cleansing of the body, where you will find various methods for purifying various organs and systems of the body, as well as literature on purification.

Fasting in questions and answers

Fasting for weight loss

Fasting in children

Clinics of fasting

Books on fasting

Cleansing the body

Popular articles on meshchicine

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Traditional recipes

Diets for health and weight loss

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