Complications during medical starvation

Although fasting is the natural instinct of every person, but due to the fact that it is practically not used in the process of vital activity, certain complications are possible. Most often they arise due to improper preparation for starvation, disregard for cleaning procedures, unsatisfactory overall well-being and due to individual characteristics. It must be remembered that the better you prepare for starvation, the better you are, the easier it will be for the process to take place and there will be fewer complications. But you can not completely avoid unpleasant sensations. Most often they are not dangerous, you just need to know what to do in this or that case.


Quite often it occurs at the beginning of fasting, especially for beginners and those who did not perform preliminary cleaning procedures. Evidence of severe contamination of the body. Good enema helps. With a severe headache, you can drink a glass of warm boiled water with a teaspoon of honey. If the pain persists, get out of starvation and perform cleaning procedures and one-day fasting 1 once a week in tech. 1-3 months

Dizziness, fainting.

Most often occur in tall people with a sharp rise, changing the position of the trunk up to fainting states. It is recommended to stand up slowly and not to make sudden movements. 
General weakness. Quite a frequent phenomenon during fasting. Periodically occurs in any period of fasting. Especially often occurs with excessive physical and mental stress during fasting, if a hungry person walks a little, is forced to stay indoors. More pronounced in the early stages of starvation. In principle, the weakness of hunger is normal. You need to walk more in the fresh air, if possible, take sun baths, do massage and massage yourself, do not overwork, rest. You can safely say that the weakness will pass, but health and strength for a long time acquired during fasting for a long time will remain with you!

Dizziness, loss of consciousness, arousal in smokers.

Sometimes, people who continue to smoke during fasting can have unexpected dizziness, weakness, sometimes with loss of consciousness or frustration of consciousness with motor excitement. Such phenomena occur as a result of a sharp hypoxia of the brain. In this case, you need to quickly put the patient in bed and increase access to fresh air, if possible, to inhale oxygen, enter parenterally the cardiac funds (caffeine, kordiamin in a half dose). In this case, medical starvation should be discontinued. Remember, starvation and smoking are incompatible!

Chilliness, fever.

Very frequent phenomena on the famine. At what, in different periods fasting can change each other. They are associated with changes in metabolic processes in the body. Depend on the constitution of man, water regime. It is recommended not to be supercooled, dress well, apply sufficient physical exertion. Sometimes, with increased chilliness, a warm drink or a decrease in the amount of water drunk per day helps. But in no case should we allow for severe hypothermia. 

Unpleasant smell from the hungry.

A common phenomenon during fasting. Smells are expressed especially at an early stage of fasting. They are connected with the abundant intake of fat decay products into the blood. After acidosis crisis significantly reduced. Smell from the mouth persists throughout the duration of fasting, although it decreases with longer periods. No special measures are required. Recommended enemas, breathing exercises, walking outdoors, water procedures, linen from natural fabrics.


Occasionally, in patients (usually with concomitant liver and kidney pathology) after repeated vomiting or dehydration due to aversion to water, with a large loss of body weight in a relatively short period of time, as well as with prolonged periods of fasting, tonic convulsions may occur due to excretion from organism of sodium chloride, calcium and phosphorus salts. At the same time, he first brings his fingers together, then 
there are cramps calf muscles, sometimes chewing musculature. 
In such cases, a 1% solution of sodium chloride is prescribed, which is given in a warm form, 20 ml by mouth once or twice. In the future, you should repeat the reception of the same amount of the specified solution, sometimes up to 3-5 times. Muscle cramps then go away. In just one or two glasses. These measures are usually sufficient. At the same time, there is a noticeable increase in body weight due to fluid retention in the body.

Muscle pain.

There may be an entire period of fasting, but more often with longer periods and with increased physical exertion. They are primarily connected with the slowing down of metabolic processes on hunger. It is recommended to reduce physical activity, apply additional procedures: massage, massage itself, thermal procedures.

Articular pains, pains in the spine.

Occur rarely, more often in patients with joint and spine pathology. Quickly pass. It is recommended massage, thermal procedures, sparing physical activity, exclude weight lifting.

Pain of different localization.

Quite a frequent occurrence. Are associated with the improvement of this or that body. Rarely they are very strong. It is recommended to continue fasting until the pain syndrome ceases.


Before the onset of prolonged fasting, the mouth cavity should be sanitized and the problem teeth sealed. Sometimes there is an outgrowth of pus from the maxillary sinuses and the diseased gums. Special measures are not required, you need to rinse your mouth with water or a solution of lemon juice, chamomile. It is necessary to pay attention, that during fasting it is necessary to concern with cleaning of a teeth. On hunger there is a change in the composition of saliva, which can lead to the dissolution of tooth enamel. Plaque also performs a protective function. Occasionally, you can wipe your teeth with gauze, rinse the mouth with infusion of chamomile, St. John's wort. Do not use any toothpaste.

Sleep disturbances.

Do not rarely occur during fasting. Some people experience increased drowsiness, in others, sleep time decreases and there is increased activity during fasting. These phenomena are not to be feared. Special events are not required. When sleepy - often rest. In the absence of sleep, just rest in bed. More seriously, there should be a lack of sleep after the 20 day of starvation. If there is pronounced insomnia during 3-4 days combined with increased excitability, you should start out of starvation.

An eructation, heartburn, vomiting.

Quite often in the first four, five days, there may appear a persistent eructation of heartburn, especially in people with stomach diseases, and with the first fasting. To prevent it, it is necessary to rinse the stomach - drink warm water and induce vomiting. If within a few days this procedure does not help, you can add mineral water in small amounts and without gases. Stubborn heartburn can also appear in later periods of fasting, which most often indicates insufficiently performed purification procedures. It is necessary to get out of starvation, to spend body cleansing and observe the correct diet. Usually, with further courses of fasting, this symptom gradually disappears. People with liver diseases have vomiting of greenery, which indicates the beginning of the cleaning of this organ. It is necessary to wait for such an aggravation and get hungry for a couple of days, do a lavage of the stomach, apply a warm water bottle on the liver, enemas.

In patients with lesions of the gastrointestinal tract during fasting, as a rule, after an acidotic crisis, i.e. already on "endogenous nutrition"; sometimes takes place exacerbation of gastrointestinal pathology, requiring urgent application of special medical measures. When exacerbation chronic appendicitis  (intestinal colic) rest, cold on the abdomen, observation of the surgeon; if necessary, appendectomy. 


The pulse rate on hunger usually decreases after a crisis. Before the crisis, as a result of severe intoxication, there is often an increase in heart rate. Good help enemas, warm water procedures, rest. Also, the rapidity of heartbeats is noted during physical exertion during fasting. For prevention, do not overwork and properly dose physical exercises.


 Rarely they are intense and pass on their own. With severe pain and arrhythmia, a cardiogram should be removed and in some cases fasting can be stopped. Most often observed in people with heart disease. Arrhythmias can be caused by a lack of potassium. Take asparks, Pananginum. If there is no effect in tech. 1-2 days start the way out of starvation in combination with the intake of potassium preparations.

Renal colic.

Patients with kidney stones should observe a sufficient water regime, especially before acidosis crisis. In case of pain - a warm bath, warmth on the waist, spasmolytic in a half dose.

Catarrhal diseases, sore throats.

Catarrhal diseases are extremely rare. Sometimes there are catarrhal tonsillitis, in which it is necessary to rinse the mouth with a weak soda solution, a solution of chamomile and prolong the fasting until the symptoms stop.

Remember! In order to avoid complications, it is better to conduct preliminary cleaning procedures. In the event of complications, the main rules: with not pronounced symptoms - continue fasting until they disappear, with pronounced ones - start a restorative diet, observe a proper diet and perform the necessary purification procedures.

But in practice, with reasonable preparation, complications are rare.

See also: complications at the exit from fasting.

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