Cleansing the body of toxins and toxins

Basics of self-cleansing the body

Cleansing the body is very important. During the life in our body a large number of the most diverse harmful substances accumulate, which come to us with inferior food, polluted air, water. Each of us for a year manages to eat 2 kilograms of toxic substances, with every tenth product contains salts of heavy metals (mercury, lead). Meat of poultry and animals is stuffed with antibiotics - growth accelerators. But our body itself forms toxic substances. They are called endotoxins. The causes of the poisonous activity of the body - stress, poor nutrition, overload at work, bad habits ... Gradually, the number of them increases and this leads to a variety of diseases, from a common cold to severe chronic diseases. Cleaning is just what is needed to help the body get rid of these contaminants and thereby improve the performance of all organs and systems. Often, some cleansing procedures are enough to get rid of quite serious diseases that do not lend themselves to conventional methods of treatment. In addition, cleansing leads to the rejuvenation of the body, improving metabolic processes, enhancing immunity, normalizing weight.

The system of cleaning is well developed and can be used both independently at home and under the supervision of medical workers in specialized clinics and sanatoriums.

Different authors offer different cleansing options for each organ and system, but still when cleaning the body it is important to follow the sequence of application of the purification procedures. First, it is necessary to clean the intestines and only then cleanse the liver and kidneys. Lastly, it is necessary to purify body fluids.

Below are the main types of cleansing organs and systems for different authors:

Cleaning of the intestine

Cleaning of the liver.

Cleaning joints.

Cleansing the kidneys.

Cleaning of blood vessels.

Yogic cleansing.

Books on purification.

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