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The book is added Linda Hazzard. Scientific starvation.

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The dry fasting method according to Shchennikov

The book by Arnold De Vries - "Therapeutic starvation"

An article has been added to the article and publication section: "Stem cells, chemotherapy and starvation" <p>2019<p>

The site changed design with 1.11.2017

 The article - Physical stress during fasting <p>2019<p>

Added to the section of the fasting clinic -. Clinic of Restorative Medicine "Medical Estate" Barnaul <p>2019<p>

The clinic has been added to the clinic section - Clinic of medical starvation in Kazakhstan- clinic of medical fasting in Kazakhstan "Em Konar-XXI Kasyr 10.09.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX

15.06.08/XNUMX/XNUMX - added the book: Vasily VORONOV "My experience of fasting (method A Suvorin)" - /rar- 56kb /

25.07.08 - added the book "Prolonged fasting in cancer according to L. Strogat" - / rar- 10kb /

1.09.08 - the book by Rudolf Brois "Treatment of diseases considered incurable, natural remedies"
 full course / rar- 78kb /

opened a new site in English - Fasting for health from all world.

26.09.08/XNUMX/XNUMX added books on raw food: Aterov (Arshavir Ter - Avanesyan) "RAW FOOD"/ rar- 107kb /

Viktoria Butenko "12 STEPS TO RAW EATING or how to get rid of addiction to cooked food?"/ zip 79 kb /

Vladimir Nikolaev "Choice of food - choice of fate" / zip 79 kb /


added article - Jack Lalynne talks about how Paul C. Bragg guided him to the path of health more than 75 years ago! 24.10.08

Added article -  CHRONICLE OF LIFE AND HARD TIMES OF DOCTOR SHELTON, prepared by Victoria Bidwell.

book added - Herbert SHELTON Natural hygiene is the science of life

11.12.08 article is added - The use of curative fasting in chronic acalculous cholecystitis. S.A. Bukhanov, B.B. Ontayev. The People's Center of Shymkent.

15.01.09 article is added - Antihypertensive and other effects of unloading and dietary therapy in patients with arterial hypertension and obesity. N.G. Akhaladze, LM Ena, I.O. Lizun - Institute of Gerontology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev

19.01.09/XNUMX/XNUMX Added article "Daniel Fast - endogenous nutrition without giving up solid food "

Book added - Belyavskaya VF- "How to starve properly" 22.07.09

The book is added - "Therapeutic starvation in internal diseases" - A.Kokosov et al.. 29.08.09

 23.03.09 "Myasthenia gravis is my experience of healing" - Alexander Nikolaevich Sitenko

added book by Norman Walker - "Treatment with juices "... 20.10.10

7.11.10 - the book of Arnold Ereta is added - "The curative power of a non-slimy diet "

24.01.11 added the book Fereydun Batmanghelidj - "Your body asks for water"

1.02.11 added books - Gennady Malakhov "Starvation" и "Fasting for medicinal purposes"

16.03.2014 The book A.A. Suvorin "Method Suvorin., Treatment with starvation" full text book 1

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