Salt from bruises, wounds, bruises, abrasions

An excellent remedy for bruises - a compress with table salt. Salt solution and bandage - the cheapest and most effective tool in such cases.

I usually spread a tablespoon of 1 into a glass of warm water and make a compress to the bruise site. To do this, with a salt solution I soak cotton wool or gauze cloth, put food grade cellophane on top and press it with a bandage or medical fixing net.

Compress can be left on all night. Swelling and pain in the morning are noticeably reduced. The same goes for hematomas and hemorrhages.

Use of salt for dog bites, scratches of cats, wounds of fish fins.

Very often such wounds swell up, turn red already on the first day. Meanwhile, an emergency aid in such cases can serve as a compress from table salt. The ratio - 1-2 tablespoons per cup of water. A cold compress is made of cotton wool, which is also covered with food cellophane. You can hold up to 10-12 hours. Usually, the pain subsides after a few hours.

Using a solution of salt in cuts, scratches, burrs.

Exactly the same compress is well suited for treatment with inflamed cuts, scratches, burrs on the hands. It is especially convenient to use compresses on camping trips.

Instead of salt, you can use seawater as well.

Once in a hike, I got sore early from the fishing line in the palm of my hand. Compress with sea water, for the night reduced swelling and inflammation, and the next hand is completely gone.

Naturally, when biting dogs, cats, foxes and hedgehogs need to be checked for rabies.

Such compresses are good for purulent wounds on the hands, including felon. Naturally, wounds that need surgical treatment should not be treated this way.

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