How does a starvation treatment per person?

Complete exclusion of food /starvation/ lead to amazing changes. The usual mechanisms of energy supply no longer work and the body passes to a completely new level of functioning. Active splitting of own fatty stocks begins, except for this purpose all changed, pathological tissues are used for reception of energy and as there is a mastering of nitrogen from air. In addition, we give the body a unique opportunity to do self-healing of all organs and systems. We can say that our company is closed for repairs. And this is a very qualitative repair.

In the absence of food coming from outside, the body uses all its available reserves. But these stocks are significantly different from the incoming food. In fact, these are semi-finished products. To use them, you do not need to use the huge amount of energy that we spend for processing and assimilation, we do not need microelements and vitamins. You need only a high content of oxygen, carbon and nitrogen in the air. For the transition to their use, it takes some time. Usually this is 5-7 days, sometimes this process stretches to 8 and even 10 days. A complete transition to internal nutrition is called cry. After it, the body independently begins to produce glucose and the state of health of the fasting improves.

At this time, there is a complete restructuring of all processes occurring in the body. If before the direction of movement of nutrients was from the digestive tract to the blood and to the cells, now the direction is changing. Energy and nutrients are produced and used directly in cells, delivered to the bloodstream and delivered to needy cells. General cleaning of the whole body begins. Fasting involves every cell in the work. In each cell is a restoration work. The substances in stock are used economically and competently.

Having lost food, cells begin to synthesize on their own all the essentials. And this is proteins, and amino acids and hormones. The quality of these compounds is incommensurably higher than that obtained from food elements. The main building material and source of energy on hunger are fats, air, water, but in addition all weakened cells and modified tissues are used. But the use of resources is uneven. First all the most accessible stocks are spent. The longer the duration of fasting, the more profound and qualitative changes are observed in the body, the more complex and neglected diseases can be cured. When the body gets to the foci of the disease - and this is usually clumps of rubbish in a certain organ, there may be an exacerbation of the disease of this organ (purgative crisis). And then the main thing is not to get scared, but to continue fasting and wait for the body to independently cleanse and restore the diseased organ. As fasting, a person cleans up his tongue, the urine brightens, the complexion improves, and feces decrease.

When all the resources in the body run out and when there is practically no cluttered area, the body itself signals about the desire to resume food. Such a starvation is called physiologically completed starvation. Suddenly there is a strong appetite, salivation. The language by this time is completely cleared. And here it is already necessary not to yawn, but to stop fasting and urgently to start restorative nutrition, otherwise in the cells self-destruction processes will begin. But such a complete completion of fasting is rare. This is a very long period of not 20 or even 30 days. Therefore, most often limited to shorter courses.

When you start a restorative diet with plant food, the body gradually changes to external nutrition, but the processes of self-synthesis continue for some time, and this time is more the longer we are on vegetarian food. But even after the renewal of nutrition by the usual food, the body continues to assimilate substances as actively as a young, growing organism does. All this leads to an increase in defensive forces, rejuvenation, an increase in the level of general energy. Remember that only after fasting you will feel the real taste of food!

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