Methods of starvation

On this page, we have posted various methods of therapeutic fasting. We think that our readers will be interested in reading them. Perhaps you will find something that you did not find in classic fasting, something good for your health. Or maybe you want to use these healing methods. In any case, the more knowledge you have about fasting, the more effectively you can use it.

Classical water

Dry fasting


Starvation by Bregg

Starvation by Voitovich

Starvation by Shelton

Starvation for Nikolayev

Starvation by Malakhov

Starvation by Suvorinу

Fasting on Stoleshnikov 

Other authoring methods of fasting


1. Mixed fasting

2. Urin starvation by Erofeev.

3. Fasting on Sergei Borodin.

4. Fasting on Brojsu on juices at cancer diseases 42 days.

5. Fasting on Marve Ohanyan on juices and broths.

6. Fasting on fruits and vegetables according to Dombrovskaya "The Fast of Daniel"

7. Fasting on Neumyvakin

8. Velvet starvation in Ziganshin

9. Fasting on Shchennikov


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