Oil enema at home

Constipation is a disease of the modern person and very often it is associated with a sedentary lifestyle and dietary errors. In such cases, people resort to various laxatives and cleansing enemas. If they do not help, and this happens with severe constipation with the formation of fecal stones, use oil enemas. The usual cleansing enema in such cases is ineffective, since large volumes of liquid have nowhere to go, they stretch the intestines, and cause severe pain. In addition, a regular enema does not dissolve fecal stones.

How the oil enema works

An oil enema can be done with a variety of oils. The oils used spread along the walls of the rectum, envelop and soften fecal stones, relieve spasms, and have a mild laxative effect. In addition, the warm oil relaxes the musculature of the large intestine, which also helps in bowel movements.

Indications for the use of oil enema:

- persistent constipation, stool stones in the absence of effect from other methods of cleaning the intestine;

- in the first days after childbirth;

- with inflammatory diseases of the large intestine;

- after surgical interventions on the organs of the abdominal cavity.


- with acute surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity;

- abdominal pain of unclear etiology;

- inflammation and ulcers in the large intestine;

- with intestinal bleeding;

- with tumors of the large intestine;

- allergy to certain types of oils;

- damage to the mucosa of the large intestine.

What oils to use for enema

For the oil enema, various available oils can be used. These are vegetable oils: olive, sunflower, linseed, pumpkin, sea buckthorn, etc.

Previously, castor oil was often used, which has a mild, relaxing and regenerating effect.

Sea-buckthorn oil is also very useful, it has wound-healing and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, although it costs more than other types of oils.

You can use neutral synthetic vaseline oil. But to mix different types of oil is not worth it.

The volume of oil for enemas 50-100 ml.

The technique of setting an oil enema at home.

The enema can be done alone or with the help of relatives. The duration of the procedure is 8-12 hours, so it's best to do it at night. The algorithm of the statement is quite simple:

- Take the right amount of oil and heat on a water bath to 38 degrees;

- Collect oil in the pear of a suitable volume or in the syringe of Jean;

- Lie on your right side;

- Oil the rubber tube and insert it into the anus to a depth of 3-5 cm / if possible up to 10 cm /; it is also possible to use a bulb without a tube only with a tip, which in this case is introduced over the entire length;

- connect a rubber bulb or Janet's syringe to the tube and gently inject oil into the intestines;

- Without unclipping the pear, pull out the tube;

- it is advisable to lie on the right side for another 10-15 minutes, after which it is possible to lie down in a comfortable position, beforehand, by bedding the oilcloth / you may not feel the leakage of oil /;

- In the morning you can visit the toilet, usually defecation occurs through 8-10 hours.

If the emptying of the intestine did not occur, the enema can be repeated.

Oily enema with constipation in children.

Can be used for spastic constipation in children from one year. Breastfeeding and children under one year of oily enema can be prescribed only by a pediatrician. The amount of oil by volume is taken two times less than for a conventional enema / see table of volume of fluid for enema in children/. Oil is best neutral vaseline or sunflower.

The technique of staging does not differ from staging in adults, but the act of defecation can occur faster - after 3-6 hours.

Oily mini-enema is very effective, simple and safe enough to combat constipation. However, the regular use of such enemas is undesirable. It is necessary to eliminate the cause of constipation and normal defecation.

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