The acidotic crisis during fasting

One of the peculiarities of fasting is the transition to complete internal nutrition with its own reserves. But for this to happen, it must take some time. Naturally, the duration of this transition is strictly individual. The average time for the transition to internal nutrition is 6-9 days. Naturally, if you are starving for the first time, it will be difficult for the body to quickly turn on all the mechanisms of this transition. The acidotic crisis for beginners, the practice of fasting usually begins after 7-8 days of fasting, but in some people it may take a longer period - up to 11-12 days before your body completely switches to internal nutrition. With the accumulation of experience, the acidotic crisis sets in more quickly - in experienced starving people this can happen even on the 5th day of fasting.

The speed of transition to internal nutrition is affected as well by the correct preparation for starvation. If three days before the onset of starvation go to food vegetation food, do not eat difficult to digest food, alcohol, then the transition to internal nutrition will happen much easier and faster. In addition, it is very important before starvation cleanse the gastrointestinal tract. The absence of unboiled food will force the body to switch to food with its own resources. For such a cleansing, a saline laxative is suitable, which must be taken in the evening before the onset of starvation.

Another important indicator of the transition to internal nutrition is a slowdown in weight loss. If, before switching to internal nutrition, the usual weight loss is from 1 to 1,5 kg per day, then with the onset of an acidotic crisis, the weight loss decreases to 500 and even to 300 gr. per day.

Another evidence of the transition to internal nutrition is the purification of the tongue. First, the plaque on the tip and edges of the tongue decreases. The smell from the mouth, which is a consequence of the processes occurring in the body on hunger, also decreases. Reduces, or completely disappears the smell of acetone from the body of the starving. The urine shines / under condition of sufficient fluid intake. But the main criterion for the onset of the acidotic crisis and the transition to internal nutrition is the improvement of overall well-being. Sometimes sharply during an hour the hunger feels a sharp burst of energy. The general condition improves. Disappear or decrease symptoms such as headache, lethargy, dizziness. Most hungry people lose their hunger. It is true that in some fasting people this transition to internal nutrition takes place stepwise and is not so noticeable. But in any case, the body in the absence of food coming from the outside is forced to switch to food by its own reserves. The acidotic crisis, just shows us the moment of this transition. If the content of glucose in the blood of the fasting is reduced before the onset of the crisis, then after the onset of the acidosis, it comes back to normal.

So acidotic crisis, this is the moment when the organism's transition from external nutrition to internal nutrition is completed by its own reserves.

Term of onset of an acidosis crisis depends on the experience of fasting and preliminary training.

- for a starving person for the first time, the onset of a crisis is 7-10 days / occasionally 12 days /;

- for experienced starving people - 5-7 days. 

The main signs indicating the onset of an acidotic crisis:

- a sharp, sometimes within an hour, improvement in the general health of the starving person, manifested in a surge of strength, a decrease in hunger and other unpleasant symptoms that accompany the first days of fasting;

- beginning of cleansing of the tongue from plaque and reduction of odor from the mouth;

- Reduction or complete disappearance of the odor of acetone from the body of the starving;

- clarification of urine / under condition of sufficient intake of liquid;

- decrease in the weight loss of the starving from 1-1,5 kg per day to 500-300;

All these symptoms indicate that the glucose content in your blood has come to a physiological norm and your body has completely rebuilt to feed its own reserves. Now you can either continue your fasting to more long terms or start exit from starvation. But it must be remembered that it is always better to starve to a crisis than to stop a step away from it.

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