Can I use oral contraceptives while fasting?

Many women, for various reasons, are forced to take oral contraceptives for a long time or, as they are also called, birth control pills. Taking these drugs while fasting can adversely affect your health.

The wide prescription of oral contraceptives by doctors is completely unjustified and can at times do irreparable harm to a woman's health. /On the Harm of Oral Contraceptives/. These drugs interfere quite strongly with the activity of the body and are not at all as harmless as doctors and pharmacists are trying to present them to us. In addition, the main indication for their appointment is the symptoms of androgenization / excess male hormones / in women, which are manifested by juvenile acne, seborrhea, male hair growth, etc. It is in this case that they can also be used for the purpose of contraception.

The use of these drugs in women without these symptoms only in the form of contraceptives is not justified and can lead to the development of various dangerous complications:

- on the part of the endocrine-gynecological status: a feeling of tension in the mammary glands, changes in body weight, intermenstrual bleeding; change in libido;

- from the side of the central nervous system and psyche: headache, decreased mood;

- from the digestive tract: nausea, pain in the stomach;

- on the part of the cardiovascular system: increased blood pressure;

- skin reactions: the appearance of age spots on the face, aggravated by prolonged exposure to the sun;

- others: in very rare cases, there may be poor tolerance of contact lenses, as well as a number of other less significant symptoms.

Therefore, it is best to stop using these medications and use other methods of contraception.

If you still take these drugs, then the main recommendations for taking oral contraceptives during the fasting period are as follows:

when starving short terms 1-3 days There will be no significant harm from taking these drugs;

when fasting to a crisis - 7-10 days changes in the activity of the body are already more significant and the intake of contraceptive pills, although permissible, but you need to closely monitor the overall well-being;

when fasting for longer periods / more than 7-10 days / in the body there is a whole complex of various changes, including, including, the endocrine system. The course of the menstrual cycle changes. Therefore, taking oral contraceptives with such periods of fasting is strictly contraindicated.

It is also important to understand that oral contraceptives do not belong to the group of essential medicines and if you use fasting for the purpose of treatment or recovery, it is best not to take them and use other methods of contraception that are safer for your health.

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