How to make an enema child at home

The ability to put an enema to your child is an important part of your baby's health and safety. In fact, this procedure is quite simple, but some conditions must be observed.

The rules for setting an enema directly depend on the goals of the enema and on the age of your child.

For each age there are the maximum permissible volumes of fluid used for the enema. It is very important to know. For this, there is a special table for calculating the amount of fluid for the enema in children.

Enemas for newborns, infants and children up to a year.

Immediately, we will outline an important rule - enemas to newborns, infants and children up to a year can be done only with the appointment of your pediatrician. Self-use can harm your child. You can miss a dangerous disease, the course of which in children under one year may be very different from the more adult children. Indeed, abdominal pain in young children can be a symptom of a disease that is absolutely not associated with the digestive tract, for example, in pneumonia. In addition, in children under one year of abdominal pain can be a consequence of such serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as: hernia, inversion of the intestine, intestinal obstruction, appendicitis, infectious diseases of the intestine. And the independent use of enemas in such cases can be dangerous not only for health, but even for life.

And so the conclusions: Infantile cramps and children under one year can be done only after the appointment of a pediatrician.

Why can an enema be needed at home?

- cleansing of the intestines with constipation;

- for cleaning the intestines before the introduction of medicinal candles;

- for the direct administration of medicinal substances into the intestine;

- to lower the temperature;

- poisoning;

- before carrying out medical manipulations and before some kinds of inspection.

To calculate the amount of necessary fluid for the enema, we use a special table.

The amount of fluid for enema to the child.


Volume of liquid


20-25 ml

1-2 months

40 ml

from 2 to 4 months

50-60 ml

from 6 to 9 months

110-120 ml

9 months - 1 year

130-180 ml

From 1 2 years up

220-250 ml

from 2 to 5 years

250-300 ml

from 6 years

500 ml

For cleansing enemas, the following solutions can be used:

- solution of table salt - at the rate of half a teaspoon per glass of water;

- soda solution - 1 teaspoon without a slide on a glass of water / it is not advisable to use children up to 1 year;

- a mixture of water with glycerin oil - 2-3 tablespoons per 1 liter of water

- enema with decoction of dry chamomile (1 spoon on 1 glass of water),
- with soapy water (in a proper volume of water, a piece of baby soap or household soap is shaken until the foam appears).

- oil enema.

What kind of water to use for enema.

It is best to use bottled boiled water, especially for children up to 1.

The water temperature for the cleansing enema should be within 25 - 30 ° С, and the higher it is, the more pronounced the relaxing effect. Too cold water causes intestinal spasm and difficulty in administering the solution.

Technique of enema.

For enemas in children I use special "pears" and syringes. The volume of the pear is selected based on the amount of fluid necessary for administration.

From the pear, air is removed and a pre-prepared solution of the desired temperature is collected.

Put the child on the left side, the legs are bent to the stomach, dilute the buttocks, and lubricating the pear tip with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil (it is useful to lubricate with oil and anus), gently massage the tip of the syringe into the rectum.

Depth of administration - children up to 1 year - 2-3 cm;

Children after a year - up to 5, see.

Press on the syringe and slowly inject the solution. Sometimes, with the introduction of a solution, the gut may spasmodically (most often this occurs at a low solution temperature or a thick tip of the syringe). In this case, you can wait 1-2 minutes, calm the child and continue the introduction of the solution.

After the injection, remove the tip and tightly compress the buttocks, to avoid spontaneous leakage of the solution. The child can lie on his stomach.

Usually the urge to defecate appears immediately after the administration of the solution. But if possible, it is best to keep the solution of 5-10 minutes.

After a cleansing enema, there is often a plentiful stool, so within an hour you need to carefully monitor the baby and send it to the pot on time or change diapers.

How often can an enema be made to a child.

Enema for chronic constipation can be repeated no more than in 2 days.

If the enema did not work.

Sometimes, with the accumulation of gas or spastic state of the intestine, an enema may fail. You can try to repeat the procedure after 6 hours.

In children older than 7 years, it is best to use the Esmarch mug for enemas, the technique is not different from the rules of carrying out enemas in adults.

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