Purification of the intestines with beet enemas according to Borodin

Sergei Borodin - author of the book "The School of the Golder" for the purification of the body recommends the use of beet enemas. In his opinion, they contribute to a deeper cleansing of the intestine. This is especially important in the preparation for starvation, as well as during the fasting itself. Here is how the author himself describes the ways of setting enemas in his book:


I believe that too rare a defecation is the basis for the emergence and development of very many diseases in a civilized society.

Professor LM Sukharebsky at the 2 All-Union Conference on Discharging and Dietary Therapy / Moscow, 14. X. 1976 / was expressed even more briefly and more beautifully:

The twentieth century is the age of constipation!

I do not have official data on this, but I'm inclined to assume that about 97% of our citizens have a "chair" 1 once a day and less often. And you will talk with the old people, especially with the village or the former village ones. Most of them argue that the typical was at least 2 once a day.

Now many doctors even began to assert that 1 times - this is the norm. In personal conversations, I was usually able to convince them that this is not the norm, but only the arithmetic mean. I hope that the difference is obvious to all readers. Moreover, this is not the norm, but a direct path to ill health, and for many - even to disability.

The fact is that in our gastrointestinal tract the conditions are very similar to the conditions in the humid tropics - well, directly, Vietnam in miniature - the temperature is much more than 37 ° and 100% humidity. And everything that is not removed from it, after a few hours begins to rot, poisoning you and provoking a lot of diseases.

Now it is fashionable to complain about the harmfulness in the air, in the water and, in food.

And this, no doubt, is just. But I believe that the most harmful CARCINOGENS, that is, the substances that cause cancer, are precisely the products of the rotting of our feces.

Moreover, personally according to my statistics, where the requirements for Health are the highest, - people of stray occupations and professional sportsmen, - there, with 3 one-time feeding, defecation is usually not less than 2 once a day.

That's it, dear friends.

The drawback of commonly used enemas and laxatives is that after them, constipation very often follows. In addition, usually enemas clean only the lower part of the intestine, completely without affecting the very obstruction in the upper part, which is especially harmful.

In folk medicine, for the purification of the intestine, various recipes with beets are often used.

They brought the author to similar recipes, tested, by the way, many thousands of times.

Take 500 - 800 g. Of raw peeled and already washed beets, cut it with a knife and place it in any non-metallic container. Fill with 1 - 1, 5 L of hot water. For 15 - 20 minutes 3-4 times shake and cover for thermal insulation.

Cool to 39 ° C. Drain the liquid part in an enema and follow what is planned. Try to delay in itself on 5 - 10 minutes ...

This recipe is optimal at your own weight of the order of 60 - 70 kg. For the rest - approximately in proportion to your weight. But the larger the volume of enema, the better.

Note the ratio - about 1 to 2. During the treatment fasting, only this ratio is required at the beginning. Then it's enough 1 to 10 and even often 1 to 20.

As one of the soloists of the Bolshoi Theater put it, "This is your beetroot enema, right up to the throat, picks!"

If you used a large grater, then the usual ratio in the full-time period is 1 to 4, if the beet juice is 1 to 10. But when using a grater, although beets are saved, but the infusion must be filtered.

Pay attention to the temperature - 39 ° C. At this temperature, the liquid is absorbed by the intestine and heals the muscles of the intestine. Sometimes (but better still less often), you can also be hotter. However, in our century of increased concentrations of carcinogens in food and in the environment, very hot enemas at the age after 30 are quite dangerous. And why all the same beets?

Just for a good job, the muscles need a lot of magnesium and potassium, and Mrs. BROWN among the cheap and affordable products is one of the champions for their content.

And note that for the first time the beet enema can call you here and there and again; so during 1,5 - 2 hours safer from the toilet further 50 meters do not depart ...

If you have already found a tumor, then you can, by the way, limit yourself to 38 ° C. But keep in mind that the liquid is colder than your body will not be absorbed.

There are a number of diseases in which tension is contraindicated - diseases and injuries of the abdomen and spine cavity, eye diseases, concussion, stroke, heart attack and other cases of severe cardiovascular diseases. Then start with the enema in 200 - 500 ml, and through 6 - 12 hours do the usual 1,5 - Zl. In pregnancy - the same reservation.

If this is interesting to someone, then know that I invented it all in April 1974, when an 5-year-old lady had to be cured of pneumonia ...

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