How to make a coffee enema at home?

A coffee enema is an enema using a specially prepared coffee solution. This procedure is very effective for cleansing, healing, losing weight .. For a healthy person, when used correctly, it is absolutely safe. However, the coffee enema also has a number of contraindications, which you will get acquainted with below.

What are coffee enemas for?

With the modern sedentary lifestyle, our intestines do not work very well. Improper, most often, excess nutrition also affects his work. The products we use every day contain preservatives, pesticides, antibiotics. A huge number of modern products have undergone special processing - they have become refined and contain a minimum amount of dietary fiber. Such food in combination with physical inactivity helps to slow down digestion, constipation, and the formation of fecal stones. The normal microflora dies, which further disrupts the digestion process. A pathological microflora develops, which leads to general intoxication, increased stress on the liver and kidneys.

Timely bowel cleansing with coffee enemas helps to improve bowel function, clean the liver. However, without a change in lifestyle, nutrition, such procedures will give only a temporary effect.

Benefit and harm

Enema is a well-known cleansing agent that has been used successfully for decades. However, enema coffee solution is a relatively new invention. Such enemas first began to be used in Germany during the First World War.

What are useful coffee enemas for our body:

  1. They are cleansing the intestines from toxins.
  2. They have analgesic and sedative effects.
  3. Help cleanse the liver.
  4. Have a choleretic effect.
  5. Promote weight loss.

Contraindications to the use of coffee enemas:

  1. Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Malignant hypertension.
  3. Exacerbation of hemorrhoids.
  4. Internal bleeding.
  5. Cholelithiasis.
  6. Pregnancy.

In any case, before using them it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

Mechanism of action

The beneficial effects of coffee enemas are related to their chemical composition:

  1. Under the influence of caffeine contained in the solution, the ducts of the gallbladder expand, which provides a choleretic effect.
  2. Theobromine and theophylline contained in the solution contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, which improves blood circulation in tissues, speeds up metabolism and promotes weight loss. Also, these substances reduce inflammation.
  3. Coffee has a pronounced diuretic effect, which helps with hypertension.
  4. It should be remembered that a cup of coffee cannot notice an enema, since the mechanism of action of coffee when entering through the mouth is completely different.

Indications for use

Coffee enemas are recommended if:

  • you often have colds;
  • you have increased flatulence in the intestines;
  • with a tendency to constipation;
  • you constantly feel lethargy and drowsiness;
  • there is a putrid odor from the mouth;
  • increased sweating;
  • for cleansing before surgery;
  • with excess weight;
  • if you smoke and drink alcohol frequently. 


cooking recipes

For enema, you must use only natural ground coffee. Instant coffee for such a procedure is not suitable, because it does not contain the necessary components.

Water for an enema should be the cleanest. Bottled and filtered water can be used.

One liter of water should be boiled and three tablespoons of freshly ground or ground coffee from the vacuum package should be added there. Boil over low heat for 5 minutes, then close the lid and simmer for another 15 minutes. Cool and filter the mixture.

Home Algorithm

  1. To do an enema is best in the morning. Instead of breakfast, you can eat fruit or porridge.
  2. The temperature of the solution should be no more than 37 degrees and no less than 34. This is the most comfortable temperature, which does not allow the intestines to spasm and does not injure it.
  3. The prepared solution is poured into Esmarch's mug, suspended so that it is at least 50 cm taller than you. Lubricate the tip with vegetable oil or petroleum jelly and inject to the full depth of the tip. You can use a tube without a tip. In this case, the depth of injection can reach 10-15 cm. The solution should be injected slowly, preferably in the position on the right side or in the knee-elbow position. After the entire volume of liquid has been injected, the enema is removed. You must lie on your right side and hold the solution for at least 15 minutes / up to 40 minutes /. Then you need to visit the toilet.

Side effects

The following problems may occur during the procedure:

  • pain when fluid is injected due to rectal distension. Most often this is due to increased gas formation or not emptied intestines, because of which the fluid can not enter the upper intestine. Therefore, you should visit the toilet before the enema. Sometimes too cold a solution can cause bowel spasm and pain.
  • nausea and vomiting may be associated with a large release of bile and throwing it into the stomach, which indicates the beginning of the cleansing of the liver. In this case, you can previously, with a doctor's prescription, use choleretic drugs and herbs.
  • For people who have never cleaned the intestines before using coffee enemas, you can pre-clean the bowels with a monitor cleaning system.
  • if you can not hold the solution for a long time, then you can stand up, walk around the room, perform several breathing exercises. Such phenomena disappear as you get used to the procedure.


Under what conditions help?

Coffee enemas are used for detoxification and cleansing, as a prophylactic agent, for weight loss.

Perhaps the use of such procedures as an addition to treatment for diseases such as:

  • epilepsy;
  • migraine;
  • various allergies;
  • oncological diseases;
  • fevers;
  • sexual misconduct;
  • sepsis.

Naturally, this should be done after consulting a doctor and in the absence of contraindications.

How often do coffee enema?

This procedure is recommended no more than 2-3 once a week. It is not recommended to do two enemas in a row.

The course usually lasts no more than a month. Repeating the procedure is recommended no more than twice a year.

Choosing coffee for enema

Natural coffee is rich in various beneficial substances, but all of this applies only to natural coffee. No coffee drinks are recommended for enemas. Moreover, it can be dangerous for the body. Coffee without caffeine for the procedure is also not suitable.

Dark roast is better than light

Although the Gerson Institute recommends lightly roasted coffee for enemas, Molecular Nutrition & Food Research has published a study favoring dark roasts for enhanced blood glutathione recovery. What's more, a 2011 study concluded that heavily roasted coffee is more effective for weight loss.

Studies presented by the American Chemical Society in the 2010 year state that a beneficial compound, N-methylpyridinium (NMP), not present in green coffee beans, is created during the roasting process. The darker the roast, the more NMP is created. Stomach cells exposed to coffee compounds increased acid secretion, with the exception of cells exposed to the same compounds with NMP.

For these reasons, an enema with darker roasting coffee can be more easily absorbed in the intestinal tract and produce high levels of antioxidants in the blood.

Organic coffee is better than usual.

It is best to use organic coffee if possible. Coffee enemas are used for detoxification, so the introduction of chemical components into the colon is unwise.

Regular coffee is one of the most highly chemically processed foods in the world. To improve yields and improve the characteristics of grains, it is not uncommon to spray synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. If you're trying to detoxify and restore your health with coffee enemas, using organic coffee is the best choice.

Instant coffee is not allowed

Can not be used for coffee enemas instant coffee. I would recommend not to use this product at all in the diet, since it does not contain anything useful and is very often falsified. The introduction of such solutions into the rectum is even more dangerous than normal use.

How to make coffee for enema

Making coffee for enema is a simple procedure that does not take you much time and is not more difficult than the usual preparation of a coffee drink. The algorithm is simple - cook, cool, filter, bring to body temperature, use.

  • A liter of pure water is brought to a boil.
  • Added 3 Art. spoons of ground coffee.
  • Boil no more than five minutes.
  • Cover the contents.
  • Reduce heat to minimum.
  • Cook on low heat for a quarter of an hour.
  • Cool the prepared solution to room temperature.
  • Strain into another container.
  • Dilute with boiled chilled water to a liter.


slimming coffee enema

Gerson's Coffee Enema

Max Gerson (1881-1959) has developed a method for treating and preventing cancer using coffee enemas. According to him, the main cause of cancer is slagging of the body, which leads to a decrease in immunity, impaired liver and kidney function. The body can not cope with toxins, which leads to the occurrence of cancer. Prompt cleansing of the body can prevent the development of cancer, as well as help with the treatment of cancer. Gerson's therapy is based on the method of restoring a sick body through providing the cells with essential nutrients.

But Gerson's method is not only coffee enemas, but also balanced proper nutrition with fresh fruits and vegetables, aimed at saturating the blood with oxygen.


The author offers a nutritional program that is poor in fats and salt and enriched with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Meat and dairy products are prohibited in the first few weeks of treatment.

Massive juice therapy is recommended - this is up to 30 glasses of fresh vegetable juices per day. The following combination is obligatory: apple + carrot, orange; vegetable juice from lettuce, chard, beet, watercress, Lombard cabbage, chicory, and curling lettuce + apple.

Be sure to eat every day a lot of fruits and vegetables grown in environmentally friendly conditions.

Recommends to refuse heat-treated products.

Introduces a daily intake of vegetable cream-free soups, like the famous Hippocrates soup created by Max Gerson.

Products such as are absolutely contraindicated:

alcohol, avocado, berries, dairy products, sugar, sweets, ice cream, carbonated and sweetened drinks, cucumbers, wheat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, coffee, tea, vegetable oil, pineapple, spices (black pepper and sweet pepper), soy, meat, tap water, fats and dried fruits.

As we see, the therapy of oncologic diseases according to Gerson is a rather complicated system that needs to be strictly adhered to for a long time. Therefore, before using an enema according to Gerson, it is worthwhile to become more familiar with its method. And of course, you can not use enemas instead of the main treatment and without consulting your doctor.

For more information on his recommendations, read the book: A Cancer Therahy: Results of Fifty Case (1958).

Max Gerson recommended using his method not only for cancer, but also for a variety of diseases, such as:

• Oncology;
• weakened immunity;
• food and seasonal allergies;
• bronchial asthma;
• private diseases of ENT organs;
• dysfunction of the digestive system;
• obesity;
• sexual disorders;
• migraines, depression.

Indications for the procedure

Note the condition of the body when the procedure is especially shown:

  • Cancer;
  • Allergy;
  • Dysfunctions of the digestive tract;
  • Disorders of the sexual sphere;
  • Reduced immunity;
  • Asthma, diseases of the respiratory system;
  • Excess weight;
  • Depression, irritability, negative emotional background;
  • Frequent colds: ARVI, ORZ.



It is strictly forbidden to use cleansing according to Gerson in such situations:

  • During pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • When oncology in the pelvic area;
  • Inflammation of hemorrhoids;
  • Liver diseases associated with the outflow of bile, gallbladder stones;
  • Surgical intervention in the intestinal tract, acute abdomen;
  • In acute infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Purification is performed in a series of successive series of stages. Observance of the sequence will allow to carry out the procedure correctly.

Preparation of solution

Take 900 ml of filtered clear water, add 3 Art. spoons of coffee, bring to a boil.

Use high quality coffee - ground, natural. When the liquid has boiled, continue to boil for 15 minutes, without covering the container. Over time - take gauze, pass the solution through it twice. Add water to 900 ml.

important details

The optimum solution temperature should be around 37 degrees. A warmer solution will lead to the absorption of toxins and toxins in the blood and burns of the mucous membranes. Lower temperatures can cause burns to the mucous membranes.

Before the main procedure, you can do a cleansing enema, especially for beginners. In the future, as the intestines are cleansed, they can be discarded.

At first, you can reduce the amount of solution injected to a liter of 0,5, this will ease the flow of the procedure and reduce the toxicity. Gradually, the total amount of solution can be brought to a liter of 1.

How to do an enema

You should take the coffee solution inside, taking a lying position on your right side, bending your legs to your stomach. Introduce the contents into the intestinal cavity through a pear. Retain liquid for 10 minutes. inside. The author of the technique advises during this period of time to massage the area of ​​the small intestine with light hand movements. Then - roll over onto your back, onto your left side. After the measured time has passed, go to the toilet.

Complications of coffee enemas

Max Gerson warned that coffee enemas can cause side effects, such as:

  • coffee enema can cause a biliary colic attack,
  • exacerbation of proctitis and colitis against the background of coffee in enemas,
  •  nausea, vomiting due to the onset of liver cleansing;
  • deterioration of health due to intolerance to the composition of enemas.

It should be understood that the therapy of Gerson should be used in combination and the use of enemas alone will not give the desired effect.

Coffee enemas for weight loss

Coffee enemas can be successfully used for weight loss. Cleansing the intestines, liver, blood, which we receive from these procedures has a positive effect on metabolism.

Such enemas reduce appetite, remove excess water from the body, promote better absorption of nutrients.

However, their use without proper and balanced nutrition is not as effective. If you continue to eat the usual way that led you to obesity, enemas alone will not help. It is desirable to combine these procedures with one of the power systems, for example, such as: separate power, fractional power, Minus 60 system, etc.

With this approach, the benefits of the procedures will be maximum.

 Method of conducting

Coffee enemas for weight loss do not often 2-3 once a week, combining their use with proper nutrition. The course can last up to 2's months.

You should consider the presence of contraindications to the use of such enemas. It:

  1. Pregnancy.
  2. Malignant hypertension.
  3. Exacerbation of hemorrhoids.
  4. Internal bleeding.
  5. Cholelithiasis.
  6. Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It is best to consult with your doctor before using this technique.


 Irina. I apply it to relieve headaches. Pour on all fours in position, then go to bed for 15 minutes, placing a disposable diaper. Headache quickly passes. Before and after coffee I do cleansing cool enemas with salt. From experience, I can say that I do not boil coffee, but simply pour 2 tablespoons of 0.5 l of boiling water over it, insist, and then I grow it to 600 ml, adjusting the desired temperature. Even this dosage seems to me to be too large and the body reacts with tachycardia, sleep disturbance, so I want to reduce it in 2-3 times so that there are no side effects.

Galina. Green coffee is usually recommended for QC, but it is not so easy to buy it and, most importantly, it is difficult to grind. In a special store, they refused to grind him, they said that the grinders were breaking from him ...
Therefore, I use ordinary ground coffee. My experience: boiling 3 Art. l in a liter of filtered water 10-15 min., then filter through the fabric, bring the volume to 1,5 l. (t = 37-38 degrees). hold 15-20 min. 
The procedure was carried out every other day for 2,5 months. After CC - an enema with soda with a hold of 30 minutes (from parasites - I have 4 cats, so I am sure that they are), then - a decoction of chamomile. The state of health has improved, headaches are less common, the skin is refreshed. Sometimes on the day of the procedures I was starving on the water for a day. 
This winter I repeat the course for a month already, but once a day in 4. Already 2 month, as she stopped eating meat and fish. I noticed that fasting became much easier. No white dots on the nails appeared. There are no headaches on the day of the procedure.

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