Clinics of curative fasting

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Where to treat starvation

Independent starvation useful thing, but there are times when carrying out fasting at home is impossible. Then the clinics of curative fasting come to their aid. On this page of the site we will try to give detailed information about medical institutions / hospitals and sanatoria / in our country and abroad, where you can spend fasting under the supervision of qualified specialists using additional procedures.

1.Therapeutic starvation and cleansing in the health center "Rosinka" / Republic of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny / - O / C "Rosinka" has been practicing from the year 1991 course abstinence from food - starvation. The purpose of establishing a health center is to cleanse the body and treat diseases in a natural way without taking medication./read more/

2.Center for curative starvation in Rostov-on-Don - The Center for Discharge and Diet Therapy "Active Dogoyletie" is located in an ecologically clean and quiet area of ​​Rostov-on-Don. The location of the Center allows patients to take a break from city bustle and noise. The center is headed by a doctor of the highest category Orlova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna - a student and a faithful follower of Academician Yu.S. Nikolaeva./read more/

3. The center of therapeutic starvation "Ulutai" is located in the Republic of Altainear the village of Askat Chemal district. In addition to favorable climatic conditions (hot in summer, warm in autumn, little in winter), many natural attractions are in the vicinity of the center. Next is the unique holy spring "Silver Key", named so for the high content of silver. A little further one source is "Golden". This is a holy place, helping to get rid of infertility. /read more/

4. Medical center "Sanatorium SpaGolod" (Medical center of sanatorium type "Harmony") It was opened in 1978 year. Since 1989, the main direction of medical activity is THERAPY HUNTING (unloading-dietary therapy). It is carried out according to a method developed with the participation of the team of doctors of our center and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The basis is taken by the classical method of unloading and diet therapy (according to Nikolaev Yu.S.). . /read more/

5. Therapeutic starvation in the Altai Mountains,dry fasting, treatment of benign tumors, purification, rejuvenation in the Altai Mountains, unloading and dietary therapy, antiparasitic treatment, infertility treatment./read more/

6. Sanatorium "Green Town"- Program "RDT - curative starvation" - Sanatorium "Green Town" is located in a pine forest on the bank of the Vostra River, in 10 km from the city of Ivanovo. Ecologically clean forest air throughout the year makes the sanatorium attractive for everyone who wants to strengthen their health, relax and starve./read more/

7. Therapeutic starvation in the clinic "Kivach", the Republic of Karelia- Since 1996 year. Over the course of 20 years, the clinic and preventive clinic "Kivach" provides high-quality medical and health services. Tens of thousands of patients in the clinic were convinced of this on their own experience. The main direction of the clinic's activities are programs for the purification of the body. One such program is curative fasting. /read more/

8. Sanatorium "Sunny Beach"- Sanatorium "Sunny Beach" is located in a pine forest, on the shore of an artificial reservoir in the Ivanovo region of Kokhma. Moderate climate, clean air, the presence of its own source of mineral water make rest and treatment in the sanatorium not only effective, but also enjoyable. /read more/

9. Medical starvation in the Republic of Tatarstan dispensary "Hope - Gerontological dispensary "Hope" is located in 100 kilometers from the capital of Tatarstan in a small village of Shemordan. Fasting is carried out according to the author's technique of Ziganshin AA. /read more/

10. Clinic of curative starvation "ONIS" - Central Hospital of Russian Railways N6 - Moscow- We are ready to offer you a program on Unloading and Dietary Therapy (RDT), aimed at cleansing the body, reducing and normalizing the weight, increasing vital energy and feeling lightness of the body! During the stay in the clinic, you will lose from 7 to 10% of the initial body weight. With a competent exit from hunger, the weight stabilizes and does not return again./read more/

11. Unloading-dietary therapy / starvation / in the sanatorium "Rainbow" - Ufa- In the sanatorium Raduga, there is a course of therapeutic starvation. Why the procedure for curative fasting is best obtained in the conditions of our sanatorium. Our main advantage is an integrated approach to the course of treatment fasting. The duration of the course of therapeutic starvation in the conditions of the Raduga sanatorium is 3-14 days and includes: /read more/

12. Treatment of starvation in the resort "Goryachinsk" - Ulan-Ude- Balneological resort "Goryachinsk" - one of the oldest resorts in Siberia. Located on the shore of Lake Baikal in the forest, at 180 km. From the city of Ulan-UdeKurot "Goryachinsk" successfully uses the method of unloading and diet therapy (RDT) for more than 10 years. Indications for treatment by this method are the same diseases as for treatment in a sanatorium. The duration of the discharge period, depending on the pathology, ranges from three days to three weeks, a restorative period (with meals on a specially developed diet) - five to ten days. /read more/

13. Therapeutic starvation and cleansing of the body in the center of rehabilitation treatment "Belovodie" in the Republic of Altai.- Center "Belovodie" is located in the village of Katun of the Chemalsky district of the Altai Republic, on the bank of the mountain river Katun in a pine forest and is surrounded by mountains. The results from the application of therapeutic starvation (LH) are quite good. All patients after the course of LH feel themselves on the rise. Most of them reconsider their former way of life, not only getting rid of bad habits, but also gaining useful ones. /read more/

14. Therapeutic starvation in the sanatorium "Berezki" Krasnodar Territory.Eco - sanatorium of natural medicine "Berezki" specializes in complex purification of the human body. Curative fasting, as one of the effective methods of deep cleansing of the body, is successfully practiced in a sanatorium with 2013. /read more/

15. Clinic of curative fasting "Healing"- at the moment the first institution in Ukraine, which offers a full course of dosed medical starvation under the constant supervision of qualified employees./read more/

16. Health Center - a specialized clinic of therapeutic starvation Dautova Yuri Yunosovich- Health Center - a specialized clinic for curative starvation, functions from 1983 year, is located in the picturesque, covered with dense greenery corner of Adygea on the banks of the Belaya River. For 23 year in the Center have received recovery more than 15 thousand people. Of these, 66% had an overweight (BMI) - 9900 person; on average, the weight of each decreased by 9 kg (89100 kg). /read more/

17. Therapeutic starvation. Cleansing the body in the clinic Revital.- Therapy, curative starvation - in Moscow this practice is more popular than ever. Many centers are ready to offer preventive medical starvation, in Moscow programs of this kind are more than enough. But, despite all the seeming simplicity of the technique, experienced specialists must supervise the process. /read more/

18. Medical Center "Effect", Novosibirsk- Medical Center "Effect" - establishment of stationary type of preventive, health-improving purpose. Specialization of the Center is the program of body cleansing, weight loss and weight reduction on the basis of unloading and dietary therapy / curative starvation. /read more/

19.Clinic "Buchinger am Bodensee" - Clinic Buchinger is located on the shore of the picturesque Lake Constance in Germany. By the method of curative fasting, a number of diseases are treated here, under which therapeutic starvation is shown under the constant supervision of qualified medics./read more/

20. Therapeutic starvation in Omsk- Medical Center "Camelot" about 10 years in the market of aesthetic medicine, in September 2014 year the department of curative starvation was opened. Patients are offered the following program: /read more/

21. Therapeutic starvation in the sanatorium-sanatorium "Solnechny" Krasnoyarsk Krai Kansk -Medical center "Sanatorium-preventorium" Solnechny "in the town of Kaks occupies the second floor of the hotel complex" South. "The center specializes in nine-day courses of cleansing and improving the body against the background of curative fasting according to the author's method/read more/

22. Therapeutic starvation in the health center Neumyvakin in the Kirov region. Cosmic system of recovery on Vyatka uses the technique of Professor Neumyvakin, which includes therapeutic starvation and body cleansing. /read more/

23. Fasting in Crimea - Crimean Center of Recovery IP Neumyvakina - located on the Black Sea coast in the village of Malorechenskoye, just 25 km from the city of Alushta. The settlement is located in the center of the South-Eastern Crimea between the cities of Alushta and Sudak.

24. Cyclic starvation in the medical center "Mediana" by the method of Voroshilov Alexander Pavlovich in Kiev- The proposed methodology allows:

eliminate most of the difficulties associated with curative (or forced) starvation; To make the food pause public (without limitations and contraindications) a means of increasing our health and protection from diseases and premature old age. /read more/

25. Therapeutic starvation in the wellness center "Salen" on the Black Sea in Anapa Krasnodar Territory -Everyone has a unique opportunity to conduct a course of therapeutic fasting of any duration under the supervision of an experienced specialist on the Black Sea in the Krasnodar Territory. /read more/

26. Clinic of medical starvation in Kazakhstan- clinic of medical starvation in Kazakhstan "Em Konar-XXI Yasyr began its work in 2007 year.For the years of its existence more than 5000 patients with various diseases./read more/

27. Clinic of Restorative Medicine "Medical Estate" Barnaul - In the conditions of the sanatorium and clinic, a wide range of therapeutic and health procedures is performed: healing baths and showers, wraps and massages, cleansing the body using the latest and traditional methods, various therapies, mud treatment, ozokeritotherapy, physiotherapy procedures, exercise therapy and much more. /read more/

28. Center for therapeutic fasting "AYUR MEDICA"located in Goryachinsk, part of the structure Public health institution "Center of Oriental Medicine". In fact, we are a state starvation clinic, in compliance with all requirements, norms and all necessary licenses for medical activities.

29. Fasting in St. Petersburg at the clinic of Professor Lapteva Lenmedtsentr.

The clinic of Professor Lapteva “LENMEDCENTER” is a polyclinic center of the highest qualification category, which provides fasting services / unloading and dietary therapy / on an outpatient basis. /read more/

30. Therapeutic starvation in the Republic of Belarus - sanatorium them. Oryol Mogilev region, the city of Kirovsk. The main profile of the sanatorium is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal system. But it is also possible to conduct therapeutic fasting according to a special program. /read more/

Schools of curative starvation

School of dry starving Anna Yakub. School of dry fasting and raw food of Anna Yakub "Dream". The school was founded in May 2010 by the well-known propagandist of a healthy lifestyle, the author of the patented technique "The Way of Rehabilitation of the Body" and the complex system of healing the body - Anna Yakub. /read more/

School of dry fasting Shchennikov in Kislovodsk - The school of dry starvation in Kislovodsk next year is 30 years old. All the programs of our school are health-improving tours, where you can solve your problems for health improvement, losing weight (by normalizing metabolism, through general recovery and reduction of stomach volume to normal), body cleansing and rejuvenation. /read more/

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