How to make a hot enema at home

Most enemas are made with solutions with a temperature of 18-25 degrees, but there are so-called hot enemas, in which the enema temperature is brought to 40-45 degrees (usually 42-43 degrees).

Most often, such enemas are used to treat prostatitis. After all, very often violations of the prostate gland is accompanied by stagnant phenomena in the pelvic area.

Hot enema increases blood circulation in this area, and promotes better delivery of drugs directly to the prostate, bypassing the entire gastrointestinal tract. However, such enemas can be done only on the prescription of the attending physician after a thorough preliminary examination. After all, with such diseases as prostate cancer, benign tumors, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, hot enemas are contraindicated.

Hot enema with prostatitis can be with chamomile and novocaine, sea buckthorn oil, iodine and milk, demyxide, ASD-2.

Enema with chamomile with prostatitis

15 gram of chamomile leaves are brewed in a thermos of 120 grams of boiling water and insisted for 3 hours. The procedure is carried out immediately before going to bed, the temperature of the injected liquid should be about 40 degrees. The whole course is designed for 14 days.

Enema with sea buckthorn oil.

Before the basic procedure it is necessary to make Cleansing enema with chamomile. After this syringe is introduced 40 ml of preheated 40 degrees of sea buckthorn oil in the rectum. The procedure is the same before bedtime.

Enema with iodine from prostatitis.

2 – 4 drops of iodine are dissolved in 50 ml of milk, 1 a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of aloe are added. Everything is thoroughly mixed, heated to 38-40 degrees and applied for 14-15 days at night in the form of microclysters.

Enema with Dimexide

In 40-50 ml of chamomile broth, 2 ml of dimexide and powder from a single capsule of doxycycline are added. The solution is heated to 38-40 degrees and makes microclysters at night.

Chamomile with novocaine.

Take 10 g of chamomile flowers and pour 200 ml of boiling water. After cooling to 40 degrees, add 1-2 ampoules of 2-3% novocaine. The resulting solution is administered overnight in the form of microclysters. It is advisable to hold for about an hour. Such enemas are very effective in prostatitis with pain syndrome.

How to make a hot enema.

First, you need to make a normal cleansing enema.

Then a hot enema with the selected solution is made. The easiest way to do this is to use a syringe with a volume of up to 500 ml. Keep such an enema is required from 30 minutes to an hour. The volume of the enema usually does not exceed 250-300 grams and therefore such an enema is relatively easy to maintain.

It is necessary to measure the temperature of the solution introduced by the thermometer. In no case can the enema be heated more than 45 degrees. The optimum temperature is 42-43 degrees.

The duration of such treatment enemas from 7 to 14 days.

The use of such enemas is very important. Inflammatory phenomena are removed, damaged tissues are restored, puffiness and pain syndrome decreases.

Also, hot enemas are used in gynecology for the purpose of affecting the pelvic organs with heat. To do this, use saline solution in the volume of 200-300 ml, which is injected slowly with the aid of an Esmarch mug or a syringe of the required volume. Hold such an enema about 30 minutes. Use only as directed by the doctor after a comprehensive examination.

Hot enemas for bowel cleansing with constipation

You can use hot enemas for normal bowel cleansing, as well as for constipation. The volume of such an enema is usually no more than 1 liter. For the enema, chamomile solution, manganese low-boron mortar, saline, etc. can be used.

It should be borne in mind that it is not recommended to hold such enemas for a long time, since hot water absorbs faster in the intestine. Therefore, the retention time is reduced to 3-5 minutes.

Such enemas can be done either sporadically or by courses. Sometimes a hot enema can trigger an increase in blood pressure.

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