Author's technique of cyclic fasting of Dr. Voroshilov AP

Cyclic fasting.

The fasting method developed by Dr. Voroshilov suggests treating food pauses (starvation) as an element of personal hygiene. In fact, what prevents us (from time to time) to transform our excess weight into health and longevity? Only the difficulties of starvation. The methodology is designed to minimize these difficulties. Its originality is confirmed by the patent of Ukraine № 81387 from 25.06.2013 and the opinion of patients

Cyclic fasting has a number of features:

The author believes that the fasting method should provide the patient with fast fasting, good health, lack of hunger (clean tongue, fresh breath and healthy stomach), daily waste removal, predictable weight loss, alleviation or disappearance of the symptoms of the disease, and rapid his return to normal eating habits. In cyclic fasting, the food pause lasts from 4 to 10 days and is performed once a month with a curative purpose or to eliminate excess weight. Such fasting can be repeated every month or as a cycle from 3-6 food pauses. The cold weather passes without giving up water. It is carried out at home under the supervision of a doctor. The control is conducted in the form of the patient's daily communication with the doctor via Skype or telephone. During the period of fasting, the patient lacks the feeling of hunger, which is achieved by the use of special breathing exercises. There is no acid damage to the stomach during starvation, i.e. there is no plaque on the tongue, a smell from the mouth and stomach problems when coming out of fasting. Daily carrying out of a liver tjubazh and visceral massage itself prevents the gallbladder from overflowing. This allows to avoid such phenomena as: gallstone burn of the stomach, pain in the right hypochondrium, dryness and bitterness in the mouth, heartburn and belching with air. The special technique of enemas allows to move water to the upper parts of the colon and actively withdraw it from the intestine. This creates a siphon effect, which leads to the release of not only the thick but also the small intestine. Such a daily combination of tjubazh and enema eliminates intoxication with metabolic products and acidosis. The technique uses the means to correct the electrolyte, vitamin and acid-base balance of the body during the period fasting. In the process of fasting the patient performs the following procedures: breathing exercises, mineralization (replenishment of body losses of vitamins and salts), activation (gall bladder, whose function is routine the liver and gall bladder, the visceral massage, the preparatory and basic enemas. On the way out, fasting into the large intestine of probiotics through the Foley catheter is used, which contributes to the rapid formation of a normal stool after fasting.

This technique of fasting makes it comfortable and completely compatible with work and playing sports.

For more information about the technique can be found on the website of the author -

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