Therapeutic starvation on Neumyvakin

The method of starvation of Professor Neumyvakin

Among the different methods of fasting a special place is occupied by a technique developed by professor, doctor of medical sciences, laureate of the state premium of the USSR Neumyvakin Ivan Pavlovich. It would be more correct to say that he developed not so much his own method of starvation, but a system of general improvement of the body without medicines.

This system was used in the preparation of our astronauts and was distinguished by its simplicity and efficiency. System recovery team, many recommendations are taken from other well-known naturopaths and specialists in traditional medicine, which does not beg her dignity. Some methods of recovery are controversial and insufficiently studied - the use of peroxide and soda to treat a variety of diseases from diabetes to cancer. Although the network has a sufficient number of positive feedback on their application.

The basis of the Neumyvakin system is the cleansing of the body of toxins and toxins, which are formed in the process of vital activity of the organism and gradually disrupt the biochemical processes, which leads to various diseases.

It is in this vein that fasting is used, which the author considers one of the strongest natural cleaners.

The method of fasting according to Neumyvakin has some peculiarities.

First of all, the author recommends to cleanse the body with the help of a wide variety of purification procedures. All body systems must be cleaned, but first of all the intestines, then the liver and kidneys, then the pancreas and joints and, last but not least, the cleaning of blood and blood vessels. You should also cleanse the parasites.

For this, Neumyvkin recommends using his own cleansing technique, which includes a variety of enemas (with soda, hydrogen peroxide and other special solutions). In addition, it is recommended to use peroxide per day on a special schedule. In the clinic Neumyvakina used to widely monitor intestinal cleaning, which allows you to quickly clean the deep sections of the large intestine, as well as enemas. But recently the author refused to use them, replacing the drink with hydrogen peroxide and soda.

And only after the whole complex of cleansing procedures it is recommended to use curative fasting. After such cleansing, starvation, according to the professor, proceeds more efficiently and is easier to tolerate.

To start fasting, you need to gradually, first having mastered the short terms of fasting / 1-3 day /, and only then go on to longer terms.

During fasting, be sure to drink water, the best is protie. Fasting on Neumyvakin is impossible without sufficient physical exertion in the fresh air. It is possible and necessary to use breathing exercises with a delay in breathing. In the opinion of Neumyvakin, such breath holdings contribute to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body and allow to significantly enhance the healing properties of starvation. For this it is enough to exhale 1-2 minutes and inhale into a cellophane bag.

The way out of starvation by Neumyvakin has its own peculiarities. First of all it concerns the correct use of liquid. To leave the professor recommends on fruit and vegetable juices by a classical technique. However, there is a video of the user who left the 7-day fasting in children's mixtures and special vitamin cocktails in the clinic Neumyvakin, which, in our opinion, is not very reasonable.

The author draws attention to the correct use of liquid at the exit from hunger and everyday nutrition. You can drink no later than 20 minutes before eating. Do not drink during meals and refrain from liquids for another 2 hours after ingestion, especially protein.

It is also very important to thoroughly chew the food, bringing it in your mouth to a practically liquid state.

The system of recovery of Neumyvakin is tested by tens of thousands of people and is marked by a huge number of positive reviews. And starvation in this system is an important part.

Currently, there is an opportunity to undergo a course of cleansing and starvation in the health center of Professor Neumyvakin in the village of Borovitsa, Kirov region. / more details >>> /

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