Fasting on distilled water.

If you have read Paul Bragg's book The Miracle of Fasting, it is obvious that he recommends starving for distilled water. This is explained by the fact that this kind of water does not contain salts, which means it will help to remove and dissolve excess salts from the body.

Our specialists on hunger strike believe that it is not necessary to do this. However, in Bragg's conclusions there is a certain amount of common sense. After all, everything that enters our body must be recycled. Salts that are dissolved in water must be absorbed into the blood, distributed to the tissues, and then withdrawn. And this is an extra work for the body on starvation and an extra waste of energy.

Just as there should be no food intake during fasting, there should be no intake and trace elements. It is in this case that it will be complete starvation. If, together with water, we also introduce micronutrients (and in different waters and the amount may differ significantly), we force the body to do something with them, and slow down the processes of purification.

Perhaps with prolonged starvation - more than 14 days need to drink ordinary water, but short and medium-term fasting can be done on distilled water. Harm from this will not be exact. As a proof, dry fasting can be cited, when people do not get water at all and there are no signs of deficiencies in trace elements.

On the other hand, it is possible on certain types of fasting and in certain patients it is possible to enter the necessary trace elements during starvation. But this is already an area of ​​scientific research and starvation under the supervision of specialists in the clinic with the conduct of analyzes.

At home, you can safely recommend starvation on distilled water at the time of fasting not exceeding 7-10 days. Worse will not, but the positive effect of fasting can be more pronounced.

When starving on distilled water is very important to get quality water. After all, when distilling poor quality water you can get tasteless and even harmful water.

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