Can I eat while I'm starving?

Most people who start fasting for the first time ask this strange, at first glance, question. In fact, it is very difficult for a modern person to get used to the idea that we can all live for quite a long time without eating any food at all. We were raised with the idea that if we skip breakfast, we will definitely feel bad; if we also skip lunch, we will hardly be able to work; and if the missed dinner is added to breakfast and lunch, we will be almost on the verge of death from exhaustion! Such ridiculous views are instilled in us from birth, and therefore it is not surprising that modern people know practically nothing about fasting. But fasting exists. This is a fairly well-established practice and it has its own rules of application.

One of the basic rules of fasting is complete lack of food. Remember - during fasting, a person should not eat anything at all! You can not use juices, tea, coffee, you can not suck candy and use chewing gum. Any alcohol is absolutely contraindicated. Your mouth should be tightly shut. Only in the complete absence of food can you switch to internal nutrition. By splitting its own fats, the body will supply itself with everything it needs. If the slightest intake of food persists, then the transition will not occur and you will suffer from exhaustion.

Same You can not use vitamins and food supplementsDuring fasting, the body itself synthesizes everything necessary and lacks vitamins and trace elements does not test.

Especially it is necessary to say about medicinal preparations. The use of medicines during fasting is strictly regulated and has its own characteristics. Those who regularly take heart drugs, drugs that reduce blood pressure, hormones, insulin and in other difficult cases should contact their doctor and starve in a specialized clinic under the supervision of qualified specialists. In all other cases, the use of medicines is prohibited. It is possible to use homeopathic medicines to increase the therapeutic effect in certain diseases.

The only thing that can be consumed during fasting is This is waterYou can drink any water: boiled, thawed, spring, well, distilled. The main requirement is that the water must be clean. The amount of water that you can consume during fasting is strictly individual. For beginners, it is better to drink more, this will help to cope with intoxication and it is easier to endure fasting. Experienced starving people have a subtle sense of how much water they need in each specific case, and some days, especially at the beginning of fasting, can be spent completely without liquid.

Sometimes, in the early days of starvation in beginners, to reduce the feeling of hunger, one-time use of water with the addition of a small amount of honey is allowed. After the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms, starvation continues exclusively on the water.

Thus, during fasting, it is forbidden:

     - eat any food, including: juices, tea, coffee, fruits and vegetables;

     - alcohol in any form (beer, wine, vodka, cocktails);

     - Do not use vitamins and food supplements;

     - the use of medicines is excluded / those who regularly use heart drugs, hormones, drugs that reduce blood pressure, insulin and in other difficult cases should consult their doctor /;

During fasting, it is allowed:

     - drink clean water;

     - use homeopathic medicines;

     - Beginners, with intolerable hunger and poor health, a one-time application of water diluted with water / half a teaspoon per glass of water.

By observing these simple recommendations, you will be able to properly use starvation for your own recovery.

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