How to make an enema correctly.

Rules for setting an enema at home

Every person should be able to do an enema. And for those who independently use fasting for health purposes, this skill is simply necessary. But, most people have a vague idea of ​​this simple and useful procedure. Meanwhile, any person can independently cleanse the intestines. All that is needed for this is desire.

When can an enema be needed at home?

The need for self-enema may occur in the following cases:

  1. For cleansing the intestines, which may be necessary for constipation, during preparation and during fasting, for weight loss.
  2. For the introduction of drugs for a variety of diseases: prostatitis, hemorrhoids, gynecological diseases, diseases of the liver, kidneys, at high temperatures, etc.
  3. To prepare for various medical procedures: outpatient examinations of colonoscopy, anoscopy, ultrasound examinations, etc.

When can not do an enema?

If you use enemas yourself, you need to know the contraindications for this procedure. 

Absolute contraindications:

- any bleeding from the digestive tract;

- cracks, ulcers in the anus;

- inflammation in the anus;

- acute inflammatory and ulcerative inflammatory processes in the large intestine;

- Malignant neoplasm of the rectum;

- the first days after operations on the digestive organs;

- abdominal pain of unknown causes;

- infectious diseases accompanied by diarrhea.

In addition, it is worth to abandon the independent application of this procedure, if there are any doubts about the correctness of your actions. In this case, it is best to consult with your doctor about the possibility of self-use enema.


What to do an enema?

For setting the enema, you can use special medical products purchased from a pharmacy or home-made devices.

  1. The Esmarkh mug was invented more than 150 years ago by a German surgeon FA Esmarch It is a container with a volume from 1 to 2 of liters with a flexible rubber or silicone hose with a length of 1,5-2 meter and clamp. If earlier it was made mainly of rubber, now disposable transparent polyethylene containers have appeared, which are very convenient to use, especially in clinics. For the home is best suited reusable product.
  2. A variety of syringes of various sizes, which are most often used for the introduction of drugs into the rectum, as well as for the delivery of enemas in children.
  3. Self-made products. You can easily make an enema from an ordinary plastic bottle with a capacity of 1,5-2 of a liter and a rubber or silicone hose with a diameter of 1 cm and clamp.

What solutions can I use for setting enemas?

The use of solutions for enemas directly depends on the type of enema.

For cleansing enemas, water-based solutions are most often used. 

And here the main rule - the water should be as purified as possible. This is due to the fact that part of the solution will be absorbed in the intestine and flow directly into the blood, passing the liver. It is best to choose drinking water or boiled tap water passed through the filter.

For cleansing enemas, you can use the following solutions:

- clean water;

- saline - water with the addition of salt;

- water with potassium permanganate - weak pink solution of manganese-acid potassium;

- water with various decoctions, such as chamomile decoction;

- water with soda for soda enemas according to Neumyvakin;

- water with hydrogen peroxide for enemas by Numyvakin;

- water with coffee for coffee enemas according to Gerson;

- water with own urine - enema according to Malakhov;

Water temperature for enema.

Most often, water is used with a temperature of 35-37 degrees. Too cold water can cause intestinal spasm and difficulty in introducing it inside, as well as cooling the body. Too warm water is also not recommended due to increased absorption in the large intestine. The exception is hot enemas for prostate  where is the recommended solution temperature for enema 42-43 degrees.

The temperature of the solution is best determined with a thermometer.

What volume of solution / water / to use for an enema

The volume of solution per enema must be within 1-1,5 liters / no more than 2 liters /. This amount is quite enough for a single cleanse of the large intestine. Repeated enemas following one after another are unpleasant and undesirable during fasting, as they cause undue irritation of the intestines and fatigue.

Basic rules for self-enema

The standard enema consists of a container with a volume from 1 to 2 liters, a rubber hose, a tip and a clamp. Enema can be made independently from improvised materials, but it is best to use a drugstore.

The enema is best done in a relaxed environment, when your relatives do not interfere with you. A bathroom is suitable for these purposes. The container with liquid is suspended at a height of 1-1,5 higher than your torso. The enema tip is lubricated with vegetable oil and injected directly into the intestine at a distance of 5-7 cm. However, in practice, an enema without a tip is often used, introducing a rubber hose into the rectum, oiled with vegetable oil. This tactic allows you to put the hose inside at 10-15 cm, and this, in turn, facilitates the introduction of fluid to a greater depth and in greater quantities.

After the introduction of the hose into the rectum, the knee and elbow position should be taken and, carefully removing the clamp, begin the introduction of the liquid. To prevent rapid infusion of fluid and, as a consequence, the appearance of soreness, it is recommended to control the infusion rate, periodically exaggerated the hose with your fingers.

After most of the fluid has entered the intestine, remove the hose and allow it / 5-10 min / min to hold the liquid inside. After that you can visit the toilet. After enema, it is advisable to relax for a while.

During the procedure, some difficulties are possible:

The liquid does not enter the intestine. In this case, do not zealous, and it is best to repeat the enema at another time. Most often this situation is observed in beginners, as well as in the case of increased gas production and constipation.

Pain arising after the onset of fluid administration. The main reason is the rapid introduction of fluid into the intestine, very cold water, as well as an obstacle to the distribution of fluid in the intestine. In this case, hyperextension of the intestinal walls occurs. To avoid this, it is necessary to correctly select the temperature of the liquid, regulate the rate of intestinal filling, and do an enema after using the toilet.

In some people, there is fluid retention in the intestines and, as a result, repeated bowel movements within an hour. Therefore, try to be able to stay at home for an hour after the enema.

So, we give the basic rules for the use of enemas in the practice of fasting:

- enemas recommended to be done during the preparation for starvation, during fasting and during the withdrawal from starvation;

- optimum volume of injected liquid 1-1,5 liters;

- the fluid temperature for the enema should be within 35-36 degrees C;

- during fasting for enema, it is best to use a weak solution of potassium permanganate;

During fasting is not recommended:

- repeated, successive enemas;

- Do not use a solution of table salt;

And one more warning - during fasting, you should not use various exotic additives and complex solutions for enemas, as well as zealous in cleansing the intestines. During fasting, our intestines, like other organs, need rest, and any unnecessary stress interferes with its recovery. As you master the practice of fasting, you yourself will feel it and reduce the use of enemas. But at the initial stage, every starving person needs enemas!

Following these guidelines, you can easily master this necessary procedure and use it for maximum benefit for your health.

Instead of the Esmarkh mug, you can use a homemade enema from a plastic bottle. Watch the video - how to make a hiking enema In 5 minutes.

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