The method of fasting Paul Bragg. / According to P. Bragg's book The Miracle of Fasting /

The book "The Miracle of Fasting" Paul Bragg

Paul Bragg was one of the active advocates of using fasting for health purposes. Not having medical education, he nevertheless actively used fasting for his own health and distributed his methods around the world. Fasting on Bragg is a fasting without restriction of water intake. Moreover, it is recommended to drink plenty of liquids during the entire period of fasting.

Preference is given to starvation duration 7-10 days, which can be carried out independently. But he recommends starting starving practice with the development of one-day starvation.

Overnight drink a laxative / 50 g salt "Barbara" for 500 ml of water. Then completely stop taking any food, without limiting the intake of water. According to the author, the best water is distilled, which allows a better removal of excess salts from the body.

P. Bragg against the use of enemas during fasting, which, in his opinion, prevent the full restoration of the large intestine and are an unjustified waste of energy in the body.

The author believes that it is best to starve in nature, in a secluded place, in a calm environment, leading a fairly active lifestyle.

The way out of starvation is common, with the use of juices, fruits and vegetables, with a further transition to vegetarianism.

But as the author writes about his personal technique, which allowed him to live a long and happy life with excellent health indicators until his death:

"I personally do not believe in long-term fasting without really extreme necessity. I don’t want to limit your fasting to 10 days. But I don’t have to do longer until you spend the sixth minimum 10-day fastings with 4-month break. Having such an experience in the background, you can get hungry for 15 days as well. With this, you can feel a tremendous cleansing of the body. because I never eat until those while you are not feeling real hunger. If you are not starving, then start with 24 day per week at 36-7 hours. Then you can go to 10-4 day, and then - to 12-1-day. You can achieve great successes short starvation, but only when they are constantly held and the right life between starvation. "

"At the beginning of the year, I marked the days when I was going to fast 7-10 days. The first half of January, more often 7 days, in the spring - 10 days, in the summer 7 days in the second half of July or August. Autumn starvation - in the last quarter of October or November - 7- 10 days. In general, I am starving 75 days in a year: the liver and all organs of our body are resting. The pancreas produces polyinsulin, breathing will be clear. "

In conclusion, I want to say that fasting by P. Bragg is not a heavy duty, not prescribed by the doctor treatment, but a joyful and pleasant event, as it really is!

Read a book - Paul S. Bragg. "The miracle of starvation"

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