The best books on curative starvation

To independently use fasting, you need to carefully study everything that concerns this technique. The books of remarkable people who devoted their lives to studying and propagating this effective and accessible method of treatment and recovery will help you in this. Books are written in a lively accessible language and carry a charge of vivacity and optimism. They will teach you the right way of life, a reasonable attitude to their health. Among other things, they will help you tune to starvation, strengthen your resolve in difficult moments, and it is very pleasant to read them at the exit from starvation, choosing for yourself the most convenient exit scheme.

These books have helped thousands of people around the world, they will help you, but only if you yourself want it. And in the beginning, be sure to read the manual for physicians on the use of fasting. This will reduce your doubts and fears of your relatives in the legitimacy of using starvation as a method of treating a wide variety of diseases.

MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Use of unloading and dietary therapy (RDT) in restorative medicine. A manual for doctors. "Moscow 2005/ rar-47 KB /

  1. Paul S. Bragg. "The miracle of starvation" - read a book / rar-60 KB /
  2. . Herbert M. Shelton "Fasting and Health" - / zip-320 KB /
  3. Yu. S. Nikolaev, EI Nilov, VG Cherkasov "Starvation for health" -/ zip-280 KB /
  4. George Alexandrovich Voitovich "Heal Yourself" -/ rar-92 KB /
  5. A.A. Suvorin "The Suvorin Method: Treatment by Fasting" -/ rar -37,6 KB /
  6. Herbert M. Shelton "Orthotrophy: Food and Fasting" -/ zip-607 KB /
  7. Herbert M. Shelton "Health for All" - / zip-320 KB /
  8. M.I. Petrov "Treatment of fasting by the method of AA Suvorin" / rar- 632KB /
  9. "How to return to life" - book prof. Stoleshnikov / analysis of American literature on starvation/ rar-98,2 kb /
  10. Methodical recommendations for the differentiated use of unloading and dietary therapy (RDT) for certain internal neuropsychiatric diseases. -/ zip-15 KB /
  11. UNLOADING-DIETARY THERAPY OF NERVOUSALLY MENTAL DISEASES (Theses of the scientific-practical conference. Moscow, July 24-25, 1976) - / rar-160KB /
  1. Nikolay Kurdyumov "Technique and nuances of starvation" -/ rar-28 kb /
  2. Dry fasting according to Lavrovoy V.P. and ANTI-ONCOLOGICAL DIET
    (methodical manual) Compiled by YUgov Evgeny, Self-Improving Center "Rostka", // rar-23kb /
  3. Suren Avakovich Arakelyan. - "Will we live for three hundred years?" Labor ", 2.10.1984, #6 (6).
  4. Bulanov Yu.B. - Elimination of acute respiratory infections in short-term starvation of athletes
  5. Vasily VORONOV "My experience of fasting (A Suvorin's technique)" - /rar- 56kb /
  6. Long-term starvation in cancerous diseases according to L. Strogatu- / rar- 10kb /
  7. Rudolf Broys "Treatment of diseases considered to be incurable, natural remedies" full course / rar- 78kb /
  8. Aterov (Arshavir Ter-Avanesyan) "CONVENTION"/ rar- 107kb /
  9. Victoria Butenko "12 STEPS TO CONSERVATION or how to get rid of the addiction to boiled food?"/ zip 79 kb /
  10. Vladimir Nikolaev "Choice of food - the choice of fate" / zip 79 kb /
  11. . Added a book by A.A. Suvorin "Method Suvorin., Treatment with starvation"full tex book 1
  1. Jack Lalynne talks about how Paul C. Bragg guided him to the path of health more than 75 years ago!
  2. "Unloading and dietary therapy (curative fasting) and reduced diets: the future, the past, the present (based on the materials of the section of the 9 International Slavic-Baltic Scientific Forum "St. Petersburg - Gastro-2007")
  3. Epton SINCLER "Perfect HEALTH"/ rar -60KB /
  5. Herbert SHELTON Natural hygiene - the science of life/ rar -320KB /
  6. Arnold Eret "Treatment of hunger and fruit" -/ zip 49 kb /
  7. Belyavskaya VF- "How to starve properly"
  8. Kokosov AN, Luft VM, Tkachenko EI, Khoroshilov IE Therapeutic starvation in internal diseases.
  9. book Andrey Kucherenko "Meditative starvation"
  10. "Fasting" from the textbook Pathological physiology [Textbook for students of medical. universities]. N. Zayko and others.
  11. Materials9-th International Slavic-Baltic scientific forum on curative starvation "St. Petersburg - Gastro-2007")
  12. BookNorman Walker - "Treatment with juices "
  13. Arnold Eret "The curative power of a non-slimy diet:" -/ rar -155 kb /
  14. Fereydoon Batmanghelidzh -"Your body asks for water"
  15. book prof.Stoleshnikova A.P. "How to fill the body?"
  16. Andrey Kucherenko "Meditative starvation"
  17. Andeas Moritz "Amazing cleansing of the liver."
  18. Antonina Derzhavina "How I defeated cancer." Diary of Healing "
  19. Books - Gennady Malakhov "Starvation"и "Fasting for medicinal purposes"
  20. Rudolf Brois - "Cancer, leukemia and other considered incurable diseases can be treated by natural means"
  21. "Starvation in internal diseases"- Kokosov A.N., Luft V.M., Tkachenko E.I., Khoroshilov I.Ye. Healing fasting in case of internal diseases.
  22. "Therapeutic starvation" - Arnold De Vries
  23. Cornaro Luigi - How to Live 100 Years, or Conversations about a Sober Life The story of yourself Luigi Cornaro (1464-1566)
  24. Linda Hazzard. Scientific starvation.
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