Folk recipe for cough and banana

The course of many diseases in recent years has changed significantly. If earlier it was enough to drink raspberries with hot tea, or honey with milk and sweat, now ORZ began to flow in a different way. Very often the infection flows without temperature or with its insignificant increase, but rather quickly descends and manifests itself as a strong and painful cough. However, most medications do not stop or soften this cough. To me and my relatives in that case the national recipe from a cough on the basis of the usual banana has helped.

I did this: took the ripeest banana, kneaded it with a fork in a glass and poured with steep boiling water. Then he stirred and ate a teaspoon. Such a medicine should be done 3-4 times a day. Naturally, the mixture must be hot and therefore prepare for future use and can not be stored.

To my surprise, such a banana-based remedy helped rather efficiently, it softened the cough quite quickly, sputum began to recede. Treatment usually lasted 3-4 days.

Cough bananas will be very effective in children, because they are pleasant to taste, have no contraindications (except intolerance) and are quite effective. They can be combined with other medicines.

On the Internet, there is a slightly different recipe, where two bananas are used for a glass of water:

They need to be wiped through a sieve, filled with a glass of hot water and brought to a boil.

Bananas for cough and milk are prepared in the same way.

Only instead of water you need to add a glass of boiled milk and also bring the resulting mixture to a boil.

If the mixture is added honey / folk remedy for coughing hot milk with honey / then get bananas with honey and milk from a cough.

But to me, as an adult there was enough and the first recipe.

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