Is it possible to starve at home?

Fasting is a unique universal method of treatment and recovery, but perhaps its most important advantage is the possibility of self-use at home.

Fasting at home is not only possible but necessary. In order to independently master fasting, you do not need to be a doctor or fasting specialist. If you want to improve your health through fasting, you will not need expensive medications and lengthy examinations. All that is needed is your own desire and common sense.

In fact, each person can starve himself, because this is our innate instinct, an innate ability, which, we really, forgot how to use.

Therefore, to master fasting is hardly more difficult than learning to drive a car. But if you need an experienced instructor to teach driving, then to get acquainted with starvation, it is enough to get acquainted with the relevant literature. Naturally, as with any method, when using fasting, you must follow certain rules.

At first - it is necessary to get acquainted with the essence of the method itself. For this purpose books of well-known authors and popularizers of starvation, such as P. Bregg, G. Shelton, Yu. Nikolaev, etc., can be used which you can find in our free library.

  In addition, you can find out how other people are starving. It's enough to register on our forum and you will be able to communicate on the topic of starvation with other interested people, as well as get answers to the questions that arise.

The second important rule when using fasting at home, it is gradual in mastering the method. You should not perform feats and immediately try to starve for a long time. More often than not, such haste does not lead to anything good. 

It is best to use fasting for short periods at the initial stage - 1-3 days. Fasting for 1-3 days can be carried out at home to almost any person in their right mind.

Fasting for a period of 7-10 days you can also do it at home, but only after a few short-term starvation and a more thorough familiarization with the features of the method.

Fasting for a period of 14-21 day can be carried out at home only after the successful completion of several 7-10 day-long starvation, in the absence of contraindications, and preferably under the supervision of a fasting specialist or an experienced starving person.

Long-term starvation more than 21 days at home is not recommended, although with sufficient experience you can starve yourself for longer periods.

It should be noted that for wellness purposes, as well as to improve the condition with most diseases, there is enough 21-day fasting. And only in rare cases, with prolonged chronic diseases, you may need longer periods of fasting. In this case, you can use the methodology tofasting on Voitovich.

The third important rule - caution. Although fasting is a fairly safe method of treatment and recovery, some complications. If in the process of fasting you have some unforeseen situations that you can not figure out yourself, it's worth stopping starvation.

The fourth rule - in case of serious illnesses, constant intake of hormonal drugs, insulin, you can starve only under the supervision of a qualified specialist in the fasting clinic!

Thus, independent starvation at home can be used in the following cases:

- you do not have serious illnesses associated with the constant intake of medications;

- you are of sound mind and have sufficient determination to do it. 

If, for some reason, you can not go hungry at home, use the services of a fasting clinic. There, under the supervision of qualified specialists, without any fear for your health, you will be able to fully appreciate this universal method of treatment and recovery.

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