The method of curative fasting on Suvorin

Suvorin's fasting method is classic water starvation. Suvorin recommended to his patients long terms of fasting. The best results from starvation, according to Suvorin, are achieved with physiologically completed starvation, the main feature of which is the complete purification of the language and the appearance of a brutal appetite. Suvorin recommends daily cleaning procedures in the form of enema during fasting.

Here is how the author himself describes it: "And this is achieved with the simplest methods available to the child, namely: - eat nothing; drink as little as possible and in view of the hundred thousand-year-old trash in the intestines of the present person, artificially cleanse him daily while the treatment lasts; no drugs, except for cleansing. To control the treatment, it is recommended to weigh yourself every other day, and once a week to consult with the head to ensure against big mistakes. "

According to Suvorin, the following diseases could be cured by his method: "Now this method of mine heals: all diseases - from the common cold to trachoma and cancer and, probably, sleeping sickness and leprosy; all ages - from children to old people; all alone and the same to everyone, both rich and poor, equally accessible, simple means; no medicines and expenses; no operations and injections; no deaths and failures; immediately and quickly, and in many diseases even without a doctor's examination, according to a simple description of the disease in a letter; without the return of the disease again and with the simultaneous rejuvenation and revitalization of the whole organism; with the disclosure and development of new sources of natural magnetism of a person - his life force; with the opening up of new possibilities and prospects for him - physical, mental and spiritual; than everyone takes the first step towards transforming himself into a new person and to enlightenment and, finally, to fulfillment after 2000 years of the commandment and example of Christ about 40 days of fasting and healing by fasting, by will and spirit, - “Heal the sick , cast out demons, raise the dead! "

To get a better acquaintance with Suvorin's methodology, we recommend you to read the author's book - A.A. Suvorin "The Suvorin Method: Treatment by Fasting" - now in full format with the volume of 116 pages

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