Fasting for acute infections / acute respiratory infections, influenza /

Fasting very well helps in the treatment of acute viral infections, which include various SARS, acute respiratory infections and influenza. In fact, acute infection, which is manifested by inflammatory changes in the upper respiratory tract, runny nose, cough, sore throat and fever, is a cleansing crisis. With his help, the body tries to get rid of excessive nutrition, to escape from overloads, stresses and other unfavorable factors. Fasting is the same purifier. Therefore, the combination of fasting with acute infection helps the body to make the necessary cleaning faster and to rest from the damaging effects of external factors. The only thing that needs to remember is that you need to start fasting at the first signs of the onset of the disease - such as chills, malaise, nasal congestion, the appearance of sore throats, lethargy.

In this case, one-day, two-day fasting is often enough to completely disappear symptoms. If you start to starve in the midst of a disease, when the main symptoms such as temperature, coughing, runny nose, are already quite pronounced, you are unlikely to get along with such short terms. Here it will be necessary to spend fasting for the period of 5-7 days, i.е. before the crisis crises. You can spend the first days of dry fasting, but here you need to monitor your health and, if necessary, drink the water in the right amount.

It is better not to overwork, do not apply water procedures, enemas, do not take medications. The best option - bed rest, with a gradual expansion as you improve well-being. The crisis itself in acute infection occurs more quickly - a cup on 3-5 day, but you need to starve until the symptoms disappear, otherwise there may be a protracted course. The temperature usually passes in the first two days of the disease. Instead of antipyretics, cold water compresses on the head, trunk vessels / inguinal region, axillary cavities /, moist wraps can be used.

The use of fasting for the treatment of acute viral infections is a fairly common practice. / We recommend to read " Treatment of acute respiratory disease short-term fasting in athletes. Bulanov Yu.V."/ The advantages of this method are obvious - you do not need drugs, the disease is easier, the complications are much less frequent. The way out of this fasting is carried out according to the usual scheme.

It must be remembered that under the guise of acute viral infections very often other diseases begin. Care should be taken with severe headaches, abdominal pain, jaundice and other unusual symptoms that may be the cause of another, more serious disease. But on the other hand, any febrile condition is accompanied by a lack of appetite, so fasting is a natural reaction of the body. And, therefore, with any disease accompanied by fever, a fever can safely limit the consumption of food. it may seem that this is a rather long period of starvation. But on the other hand - you will still be sick, at least 5-7 days, and starvation will help you avoid all those complications that occur with the flu and acute infections. Among other things, under the guise of acute infection very often begin various severe diseases. Care should be taken with pain in the abdomen.

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