Therapeutic starvation for Malakhov

Methods of starvation Malakhov

In fact, there is no fasting for Malakhov. In his book "Starvation. Author's textbook. " Malakhov describes various methods of starvation and his attitude towards them, as well as his own experience of using starvation. As with every person practicing starvation, the author has his own preferences and differences in the use of classical methods.

Here are some of them:

1. Gennady Petrovich Malakhov recommends a preliminarybody cleansing before starting the practice of fasting with the help of various cleaning procedures / cleaning of the liver, intestines, stomach, joints, kidneys, lymph, etc. /

2. The entrance to starvation is classic or dry fasting in the early days.

3. Use of enemas during fasting, preferably with urine and evaporated urine.

4. Significant physical activity during fasting.

5. Massive application of various procedures during fasting: bathing, hardening, contrasting showers, massage and self-massage, massage with evaporated urine, solar procedures, physiotherapy, yoga exercises and others.

6. The way out of starvation is classically.

The author prefers to use shorter duration of starvation 7-10 days, but with significant strain on the body. Much attention is paid to starvation on urine, which, in the author's opinion, is more effective than usual starvation. Recommendations are given on the use of starvation depending on the constitution of man, as well as the influence of the phases of the moon on the glider.

The personal experience of the author on the use of fasting, with an analysis of his own mistakes and conclusions, which are based on the propagated by G.P. Malakhov, his own / rather contradictory views on the world and on the structure of man.

In conclusion, I want to say that Malakhov's recommendations on the use of fasting are not physiological enough. A significant burden on the body during fasting takes a lot of energy that could be spent on restoring the body, which significantly reduces the effect of using the method, and in some cases may even be dangerous to health, especially among weakened people. The book should be read, but less extreme and more scientifically and practically practiced methods are better suited for use, namely, the founders of the method - Sheltona, Bregga, Mykolaiv,Voitovich.

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