Fasting / RTD-discharge-diet therapy / at home for the rehabilitation and prevention of diseases.


This is a website about fasting.


The site has collected a large number of materials from around the world on the use of fasting, both for medical and recreational purposes, and for self-improvement. The site is designed to facilitate the use of this amazing method by all comers. We do not call you to starve. We only give information about this amazing method of treatment and recovery. It is possible that one day he will save your life.

                                     If you are not familiar with fasting at all, then we recommend watching a very interesting, popular science film:

The science of starvation is a film about curative starvation.

The Science of Fasting (2011) 
(Science fasting)

Release date in Russia (or in the World): 01.01.2011

Directors: Sylvia Guillemand, Thierry de Lestrade

An excellent documentary about curative starvation. Filmed by French documentaries and talks about the use of curative starvation in the USSR, Russia, Germany and America.


Fasting in questions and answers


When a person first starts to practice fasting, he has many questions. For an experienced starving, they may seem naive, but for beginners they are of great importance. Here we try to give answers to the most common questions that are often asked by beginners on our   forum.

What is fasting?  Fasting or in medical terminology, relief-dietary therapy / fasting / is an innate instinct given to us by nature. Voluntary cessation of food intake leads to amazing changes in the human body.[...]

Why should we fasting? Indeed, why should a modern civilized person, with the current high development of science and medicine, need fasting? This question is often asked by people who first encounter this method.[...]

What can you eat during fasting? Most people first start fasting ask this strange, at first glance, question. In fact, it is very difficult for a modern person to get used to the idea that we can live for quite a long time without eating any food at all. […]

Can I go hungry at home? To fast at home is not only possible, but also necessary. In order to independently use the method of unloading and dietary therapy, you do not need to be a doctor or specialist in this field. [...]

How to prepare for the first fast?  In order to facilitate the flow of your first fast, you must follow a number of simple rules. First, you need to be familiar with the method.[...]

What laxative can I use to enter into fasting??Most authors recommend the use of salt laxatives for cleansing the intestines before fasting: magnesium sulfate / Epson salt / и sodium sulfate / Glauber's salt /, as well as sodium phosphate and sodium citrate.[...]

How to take a laxative before starting fasting? For those who only learn fasting, it is necessary to follow all recommendations for its correct application. Accept laxatives, treat one of the important procedures used in this method of treatment and recovery. [...]

How correctly to make an enema?  Every person should be able to do enema. And for those who independently use fasting for health purposes, this is a prerequisite. But most people have a vague idea of ​​this simple and useful procedure.[...]

Can I smoke during fasting? It would seem that smoking has nothing to do with food and therefore, some believe that an extra cigarette during a course of unloading diet therapy will not do much harm. In fact, this is a very dangerous delusion.[...]

What is the acidotic crisis and how to find out about its offensive?  One of the peculiarities of fasting is the transition to full-fledged internal nutrition with own reserves. But in order for this to happen it should take some time.[...]

Do I need to do enemas during fasting? Some people are frightened by the need to do enemas during the course of fasting. Therefore many beginners consider this unpleasant procedure not obligatory. [...]

How to deal with overeating after fasting? Increased appetite at the exit from fasting is a common occurrence. Many people who are just starting to use this method are faced with such a problem.[...]

 Nuisance and difficulties in the process of fasting. If you carefully read the books on fasting, get acquainted with the enthusiastic responses of patients of clinics and people practicing fasting at home, then there may be a deceptive impression that this is a very easy and pleasant method of treatment. But in reality everything is much more complicated.[...]

How much water should I drink during fasting? To successfully carry out water fasting, it is necessary to observe the correct drinking regime. The amount of water consumed depends on many factors, but the main one will be your personal experience. [...]

What kind of water to drink during fasting? The basic rules for drinking water during fasting are not very different from drinking water in everyday life. But if in ordinary life, in addition to water, there is also food, then during the use of the method water is the only thing that enters our gastrointestinal tract for breakfast, lunch and dinner. [...]

Weight loss, depending on the timing of fasting. For the normal functioning of the body with complete water starvation is enough 300-400 gram of fat per day. When it is split, glucose is formed, which is the main vital activity of man and this period.[...]

Birth control pills and fasting. Many women, for various reasons, are forced to take oral contraceptives for a long time or, as they are also called, birth control pills. Taking these drugs while fasting can negatively affect a woman's health.[...]


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